What Happens If You Charge Your Hoverboard Too Long?

What Happens If You Charge Your Hoverboard Too Long

While the hoverboard craze is gradually rising here in the US, the reports of damaged hoverboards are also piling up. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports more than 250 hoverboard incidents since 2015 related to fires or overheating. If you inspect what causes these incidents, overcharging would come up high. But when you know the …

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How To Reset Hoverboard Bluetooth? In-Depth Guideline In 2022

How To Reset Hoverboard Bluetooth

Isn’t it fun to ride a hoverboard around the neighborhood? What makes it even better is when a set of loudspeakers blaring up your favorite music, or a hoverboard that can be controlled with an app. For that, you need a electric hoverboard with Bluetooth connectivity. But if you are facing any issues with the …

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Is Retrospec A Good Skateboard Brand?

Skateboards are manufactured by over 300 different companies. Only a few companies, like Retrospec, Element, Plan B, Girl, and Zero, are acknowledged as the best skateboard brands. However, when you buy skateboards from Retrospec, the question of whether Retrospec is a good skateboard brand instantly arises. The purpose of this essay was to understand better …

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Can You Use Skateboard Wheels On Roller Skates?

Can You Use Skateboard Wheels On Roller Skates

Skaters are evenly divided between roller skating and skateboarding. Technically, they both function similarly. So, thinking of interchanging parts, such as wheels, isn’t so astonishing. Rather you may ask can you use skateboard wheels on roller skates. Many would say yes, some argue that it’s silly! Let’s take a look at what I’ve learned from …

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How To Fix A Hoverboard That Won’t Move? (2 Steps To Fix)

How to Fix a Hoverboard That Won’t Move

If you have a hoverboard, most probably you are familiar with the issue that the light of your device stays on but it won’t move. It is one of the common hoverboard problems of most users. If you also face this issue, worry no more. This article will show you how to fix a hoverboard …

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Can You Take A Longboard On A Plane? Air Travel Tips 2023

Can You Take a Longboard On a Plane (1)

When it comes to flying with your longboard, things can get stressful if you have to leave your ride behind. There are always concerns with the skateboard rules and regulations. So, can you take a longboard on a plane? Let’s clarify all of your doubts and see if you can keep your favorite longboard with …

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How To Fix A Cracked Longboard? and Regular Maintaining Tips

How To Fix A Cracked Longboard

As the most visible part of a longboard, the deck is the most vulnerable portion, a crack on the deck can make it apparently useless. Or, is that so? Deck cracks may be repaired in a variety of ways! You’ll learn how to fix a cracked longboard within a few minutes as I’ll get you …

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How To Fix A Hoverboard That Won’t Turn On? [2022]

How to Fix a Hoverboard That Won't Turn On

When you talk about a hoverboard, it’s quite an expensive device. So, if you face any issue with your ride, try to fix it first. One of the major problems with a hoverboard is they don’t turn on all of a sudden. If you are worried about this, don’t worry anymore, I might have a …

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Why Does My Hoverboard Shake and What To Do To Stop It?

Why Does My Hoverboard Shake

One of the major problems that most hoverboard owners face is their board shakes. Some of my good friends asked me frequently, “why does my hoverboard shake?” In this article, I am going to answer this question. “Generally, when a rider is significantly underweight from the weight recommendation or the sensors aren’t perfectly pressed, hoverboards …

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