How To Reset Hoverboard Bluetooth? In-Depth Guideline In 2022

Isn’t it fun to ride a hoverboard around the neighborhood? What makes it even better is when a set of loudspeakers blaring up your favorite music, or a hoverboard that can be controlled with an app. For that, you need a electric hoverboard with Bluetooth connectivity. But if you are facing any issues with the Bluetooth feature, a simple reset can help.

This article is a step-by-step guide for how to reset hoverboard Bluetooth. But first things first. So, I’ll also explain how to connect the Bluetooth and why a reset is recommended in the first place.

How To Know If Your Hoverboard Has Bluetooth?

Generally, the manufacturers advertise this feature to have greater appeal to hoverboard enthusiasts. Besides, some boards make a sound upon turning on, implying that your board is ready to connect. But the best way to know is to look for speakers on the base of a hoverboard.

How To Know If Your Hoverboard Has Bluetooth

Most tech-rich hoverboards come with Bluetooth functionality, can be V4.0 or V5.0. If you have a suitable hoverboard for heavy riders, that may even have a built-in speaker to it with top-notch functionalities. However, you have to connect your smartphone, be it Android or iPhone, with the hoverboard to enjoy the music.

To know if your hoverboard has Bluetooth functionality and how you can connect, just follow the steps-

Step-1: Turn on the hoverboard and wait for a voice that asks for Bluetooth connectivity. If no sound appears, your hoverboard may not offer speaker features.

Step-2: You may still have Bluetooth. Go through the user manual or technical specs to learn if it offers Bluetooth. The box also may have a Bluetooth icon on it.

Step-3: Place your board on a flat surface, and keep it close to your smartphone.

Step-4: Go to the Bluetooth settings of your mobile device and turn it on.

Step-5: Make your smartphone discoverable for other devices and wait until it finishes scanning.

Step-6: Scroll down and select the open Bluetooth signal (hover board) to connect.

Step-7: Hoverboard will make a sound indicating that the device is now paired. The sound depends on the hoverboard models, but it’s almost always understandable.

Unlike most devices that require a manual hoverboard calibration process, a self-balancing scooter automatically switches on the Bluetooth upon turning it on.

Why Do You Need To Reset Your Hoverboard Bluetooth?

Resetting the hoverboard fixes many issues along with Bluetooth connectivity and hardware incompatibilities. Bluetooth depends on hardware and software to operate accurately. But suppose you always carry or use multiple Bluetooth or wireless devices. In that case, you know how frustrating it is when there’s a disturbance pairing the devices.

If you’re struggling with your hoverboards Bluetooth connectivity and thinking of replacing this with a new one, just hold your horses!

It’s not a hardware issue every time. Before buying any Bluetooth chip online, just try to fix your connectivity issue with a simple reset.

But why is your hoverboard Bluetooth not working? Pairing hoverboards with a smartphone or any smart device’s Bluetooth can have connectivity issues for multiple different reasons. Among them include device proximity or the distance between your board and the mobile, device compatibility, hoverboard’s low battery, or simply because your scooter doesn’t feature Bluetooth.

Another reason is the interference from various sources of radio waves such as WiFi, microwave, and other radio spectrum signals. Since we use so many network devices every day, they can always overlap with one another. This happens due to different network devices using the same spectrum at the same time.

All these issues discussed result in problems with connectivity between smartphones or devices with Bluetooth speakers.

Moreover, many hoverboards are connected via mobile applications. These apps may interfere with Bluetooth operation sometimes. Clearing the cache on smartphones or smart devices can solve the problem.

How To Reset Hoverboard Bluetooth

The Bluetooth functions of hoverboard allow you to enjoy your favorite music while riding around the blocks. Sometimes it does not function accurately because of the issues I mentioned earlier. But how to fix Bluetooth on hoverboard? Fear not, as this error is fixable within a few minutes by resetting your hoverboard’s Bluetooth settings.

How To Reset Hoverboard Bluetooth

Go through the following steps to reset the hoverboard Bluetooth-

Step-1: Make sure it is fully charged but avoid overcharging to keep hoverboard batteries safe from power surges.

Step-2: Put your hoverboard on a flat surface, and keep it parallel to the ground.

Step-3: Shut off the board entirely. Now, press and hold the silver power button.

Step-4: Depending on the model, you may hear a beeping sound and notice flashing in front of LED lights.

Step-5: Continue holding down the power button for 5-10 seconds to initiate the reset process.

Step-6: Release the power button when the flashing or beeping stops. Turn off the hoverboard.

Step-7: Give it a few seconds and then turn it on again.

That’s it! The hoverboard’s Bluetooth is now reset and ready to function again. Try to pair the bluetooth hoverboard with your phone. If you still face any problems, repeat the process a couple of times before you call for the manufacturer’s support.

Hoverboard Bluetooth Resetting Problems

Manually resetting your Bluetooth hoverboard doesn’t pose any problems if you follow the instructions correctly. But calibrating with a mobile application or remote control can harm your board if you’re not careful enough.

The remote on/off switch just puts the device into sleep mode rather than shutting off completely. This eventually makes the board malfunction, drain the battery, and even fry the internal circuits. So, it is better just to follow the instructions properly and go through the manual calibration process.

Furthermore, you can not resolve hardware issues with a reset. If the built-in Bluetooth speaker or the internal circuits are damaged, you’ll need a replacement. Better watch out for hard impacts, then!


Hoverboard Bluetooth not working can be a hardware or software issue. But it’s always the better choice to troubleshoot by resetting the hoverboard than purchasing a new chip. I hope now you understand How To Reset Hoverboard Bluetooth, if it’s not working properly or not connecting at all.  As I mentioned above, many factors can impact your hoverboard’s Bluetooth functionality. Some of them are not avoidable. But you should always watch out for any physical damage or water to keep your board out of harm.

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