How To Fix A Hoverboard That Won’t Turn On? [2022]

When you talk about a hoverboard, it’s quite an expensive device. So, if you face any issue with your ride, try to fix it first. One of the major problems with a hoverboard is they don’t turn on all of a sudden. If you are worried about this, don’t worry anymore, I might have a solution for you. In this article, I will show you how to fix a hoverboard that won’t turn on.

In most cases, it happens because of power (charging or battery) issues, the sensors, or, in the worst possible case, the logic board. Nonetheless, I’ll cover the causes along the way. Let’s get into it.

What Are Possible Causes of Hoverboards Won’t Turn On?

There may be a situation when you press the power switch continuously, but the device is not getting on. No doubt, it’s quite frustrating, especially when you are up for a quick ride and if it happens at that moment. Your favorite self-balancing scooter is not getting turned on for 5 common reasons. Those problems are mentioned below so that you can identify which is the responsible one for your issue.

  • Cause-1: There may be a charging problem in your hoverboard.
  • Cause-2: The battery may not be working properly.
  • Cause-3: Maybe there is a malfunction in the wiring
  • Cause-4: There may be an issue in the logic board
  • Cause-5: Maybe your favorite hoverboard is somehow defective

From my experience, I can confirm that almost in every case, the problem can be one of these five causes mentioned above. If your hoverboard is still not turning on, don’t worry, I have got you covered below. I will discuss these common troubleshooting techniques for each of the causes mentioned above.

How to Fix a Hoverboard That Won’t Turn On?

Let me discuss every issue one by one. It will help you to get a good demonstration of this advanced troubleshooting process.

How to Fix a Hoverboard That Won't Turn On

Issue-1: Hoverboard Charging Problem

It’s common sense for every type of battery-powered electronic device. First, you should check whether it’s charging properly or not. When it comes to checking the charger problem in a hoverboard, you must do the following things.

  • Plug the hoverboard charger into the electrical outlet.
  • Connect the charger to your self-balancing scooter
  • If your hoverboard is not charging, check the indicator light. If you notice a green light in the indicator, the problem may be in the charger. Because you should be able to see a red light in the hoverboard while it’s being charged.
  • In that case, the best decision will be to try to charge your hoverboard with another charger. Make sure that your hoverboard is compatible with that charger. Now, if the charger works, you will get assurance that you have a defective charger.
  • However, if the extra charger doesn’t work with your gadget, the problem may be in the battery. In that case, you should go for the next step.

You should also check the charging port. If it is misaligned, you may need to replace that with a functional one. When doing the replacement, you must confirm that all three pins are perfectly aligned. In many cases, replacing the charging port solves the problem. If your hoverboard is still not working, the problem may be in the charger or battery.

Issue-2: Battery Issues

To check whether there is a problem with the battery, you can follow these steps-

  • Connect the charger to your self-balancing device and plug it into the power outlet. When you see a green light, you should attempt to turn on the hoverboard.
  • If you notice any orange flash from the hoverboard, it is a good indicator of battery depletion. In that case, you need to replace it. To check the voltage, you can always use a voltmeter as well.

If you have a faulty battery, you will also notice that battery life decreases quickly. So, to make your hoverboard properly functional again, just replace the battery. To make the replacement successfully, you can use a screwdriver. Trust me, it’s pretty much easy to complete the battery replacement task.

Issue-3: Malfunction in the Wiring

Wiring malfunction is another common hoverboard problem. If your charger and battery don’t have any problem, you should check up the wires. In many cases, wires may become frayed or burnt. Check the wires which are located near the charging port. Also, the wire that makes a connection to the logic board may get burnt.

Fix any kind of wiring issues with a hoverboard repair kit. Whatever you do, make sure to do that carefully. When working on the wires, make sure that you know which are is connecting to which one. If you can’t find any wire malfunctioning, the problem may exist somewhere else. In that case, you need to move to the next one.

Issue-4: Logic Board Problem

If you think your motherboard or logic board is problematic, you can fix it as well. Firstly, check the entire motherboard thoroughly. Check whether there is internal circuit damage in the logic board.

Don’t throw the defective part yet. Contact the manufacturer if you have any warranty. If you find faulty gyroscopes or fuses, you can easily replace them. Also, you will find replacement kits in the market.

Issue-5: Defective Hoverboard

This should be the very last step. If you have checked the rest of the four issues mentioned above and haven’t found any problem, maybe the problem is with the hoverboard itself. Maybe you received a faulty hoverboard model from the manufacturer.

If that is the case, check the manufacturer’s website for any refund policy. If you have the proper warranty, chances are you will end up having a new hoverboard without spending any extra money.

Tips to Maintain Hoverboard for Best Performance

Maintaining a hoverboard properly is quite important if you want a good lifespan off of it. As it is an electric gadget, you should take good care of it. Try to get a hoverboard for heavy adults for a better experience. Below I will give you some exclusive tips to maintain a hoverboard for best performance.

Tips to Maintain Hoverboard for Best Performance

1. Clean the Wheels

The most important part of a hoverboard is the wheels that you must take good care of, regularly. When you ride your favorite self-balancing scooter, chances are dirt and debris will be stuck in the wheels.

So, you must clean them correctly. As the wheels are connected to the main motor of the gadget, you should be more careful with the wheels. Otherwise, debris may make the motor not functioning properly. Use a small soft brush to get the job done.

2. Take care of the Battery

Charge the battery fully before starting your ride. The device should be charged initially with utmost care. Don’t place the batteries in an area where the temperature is high.

Don’t overcharge either, it may cause serious harm to the hoverboard battery. Plus, make sure that you have stored the gadget in a dry place. It will give an extra layer of protection to the batteries.

3. Cleaning the Board

The next step you should follow is to clean the board. To maintain the hoverboard’s original and elegant look, you must remove any kind of dirt and debris from the board.

If you don’t remove them, the board will be messy eventually. Later it may also affect the sensor. That is why you should always clean the board properly.

4. Allow Adequate Cooling Time

Another important point to note is that your hoverboard may heat up after a long ride. In that case, you must cool it down properly. That will help you increase the overall efficiency and durability of the hoverboard.

5. Checking the Foot Pedals

Another great maintenance tips are you must check is the pedals. It should not be detached or even loose. If the pedal is loose, you may not be able to control the hoverboard.

Besides, if you won’t use it for a long time, you should store it properly. Select a dry and cool place to store it. Also, the place should be dust-free.

Final Words

A hoverboard is an electrical gadget. So, you should expect some issues from time to time. If it’s not turning on even after pressing the power switch continuously, that’s a common problem among many users. I hope now you know how to repair a hoverboard that won’t turn on. Happy riding!

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