About Us

What is Scooterguider?

Welcome to the skaters land “Scooterguider”!  Scooterguider is operated by a team of experts and all are somehow related to skating here. Basically, the website will inform you about different types of skateboards, longboards from different brands and their accessories, and other relevant tools.

Every single person is working here is a highly skilled person. All of them have expert knowledge of skateboards, longboards, and their relevant tools.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter, what types of skateboards or longboards you are looking for. Our expert will help you to find the ideal one based on your needs. From here you’ll find the skateboard for a big guy to skateboard for under $100. You’ll also find a longboard from $150 to a high-quality longboard from different brands, such as Atom, Fingerboard, Kryptonics, etc. We try our best to provide you with the right skateboard or longboard that you’re looking for.

How Our Products Are Rated

We have designed a systematic model to complete our product rating process. All the tasks are divided among the team members and all the team members completed their tasks step by step process.

In the beginning, we start our product rating process with the market and product research. We analyze the top-selling products of the most popular brands. Our team Studies the reviews of real buyers.

Once our research team completes its investigation and product analysis process, we forward the data to our writing team. The writing team re-checked the analyzed data and make an in-depth review of each and every product with an easy buying guideline.

How We Make the Product Reviews?

Beginning With Market Research

To begin our product review process, our team starts with market research. Our research team deeply investigates the newness of the market and studies the product characteristics of the top brand. Through that, we make a primary list of the best products of the most popular brand.

Identifying The Main Features

Different brands offer different features to attract their customers. Not all of these features are essential for the customers. That’s why our expert team determines the core features of every product to identify the most effective product for you.

Product Selection

Once the product key features are identified by our expert, we select the most effective product from our primary product list. During this selection process, we mostly focus on the top-selling products that are highly appreciated by the customers.

Review Analysis

After the product selection process, we have got a list of the best product of the best brands. Now it’s time to verify these products if those are practically good or all those just hypes. To get the real-life experience of these products, our expert team analyzes the reviews of these products given by their original customers.

Product Ranking

Every single product that we listed on our site are coming through a ranking process. In the ranking process, we score our listed products based on their effectiveness, characteristics, quality, durability, price, etc. So the product that got a higher rank means the best product ultimately.

Product Review Writing

Once the research team completed their investigation process, and the expert team completes the analyzing process. We forwarded all of our findings to our writing team. The writing team cross-check all the analyzed data and start writing an in-detail product review.

Buying Guide

In the buying guide, you’ll find the total summation of our research and findings of our listed product. This will help you to understand which product will be the most appropriate choice for you.

Who Are We?

Jose Lewis

Jose is a sportsperson, writer and a researcher. He’s also the owner of this site. For 20 years Jose is playing skating, and in his state Arizona, he’s popular for that. He’s not creating Scooterguider for his portfolio. The main goal of his creating this site is to share his knowledge and experiences with others who love skating. In his long sports career, he saw a lot of people wants to play skateboard but due to proper guidelines they got eliminate from the beginning of their journey. That’s what influence Jose to create this site and he’s going to share each and every single thing that is relevant to the skateboarding sport.

Victor G. Miller

Victor is the chief editor of Scooterguider. He works as a technical adviser for a renowned skateboard and longboard manufacturing company. That’s why he knows almost everything about skateboard, longboards, and their accessories. We hired Victor because of his depth of knowledge and experience with skateboards and longboards. He’s the man who’s actually considered as the fuel of this site. Under his supervision, our experts are conducted their research and investigation.

Roger S. Maglione

Roger is the voice of our Scooterguider site. He’s the chief advisor of our team. It’s been almost 12 years and more that Roger starts his writing career. Before joining us, Roger worked for some popular writing agencies and magazine firms. We hired him in our team and made him our writing head just because of his excellence in writing. He makes things very clear to the audience, and whatever he writes, he writes from the depth of his heart.