11 Best Skateboards For Teenagers (Let Your Kids Live With Fun!)

Best Skateboards for Teenagers

Skateboarding is an outstanding outing for limitless joys and happiness. The kids, particularly teenagers, are curious about skateboards to have delightful days. Both boys and girls love enjoying quality family time with skateboards. Most parents usually feel frightened to let their beloved kinds move on skateboards. And they search for safe and sound skateboards for …

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7 Best Skateboard Wheels For Powerslides (Bones or Spitfire? Find Out)

Best Skateboard Wheels For Powerslides

A power-sliding is a skating technique to slow your skateboard down stylishly. It feels like throwing yourself sideways and then swinging your shoulders back to grab back on. It sounds simple but doing the powerslides on the skatepark is far more challenging. The first thing you need to do powerslides is to slip the right …

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The 9 Best Skateboard For College (Campus You Must See)

Best Skateboard for College

If you’re headed to college soon, you know how much time you spend on your feet—walking from class to class, running around campus, or going for a jog. But sometimes walking just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes it’s nice to have a fun, fast way to get where you need to go. And that’s where a …

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10 Best Freestyle Skateboards For Crazy Skaters (Choose The Best One!)

Best Freestyle Skateboards

Freestyle skating is the art of skateboarding with thrilling experiences. Teens and adults are fond of the predominant skating style. Since 1960, skaters have been practicing this skateboarding style worldwide. Skaters perform the sensations skating segment on the streets with different tricks. And the expert skaters need unique boards to show their expertise. Unlike regular …

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The 12 Best Skateboard Under 100: A Complete Skateboard Reviews

Best Skateboard under 100

A good quality skateboard is a must for experiencing the true joy of skating. However, good-quality skateboards are usually expensive. Hence, finding one that is suitable for both your skating style and budget can be quite difficult. On top of that, if you want one under 100 dollars, the task becomes harder. Then look no …

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9 Best Lubricant for Skateboard Bearings (Reviews in 2022)

best lubricant for skateboard bearings

Skating is fun, but only if the wheels turn effortlessly. Imagine flexing before your pals with a jammed truck or scratchy set of wheels – urgh! That’s going to be your worst nightmare! So how to keep skateboard wheels and trucks perform their best for years? Yep, you guessed it – lubricating the bearings! Now, …

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Best 6 Darkstar Skateboards Review: Are They Good Enough?

Darkstar Skateboards Review

In a world where every brand claims to be the best, finding the rightfully best one can be a challenge. Among the self-bragging skateboard brands, one brand that most skateboard enthusiasts will suggest is Darkstar. It’s a popular brand that has suitable options for both beginners and pros in the game. Darkstar switched to manufacturing …

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Best Skateboard For Big Guys (Review) in 2022 – Top 11 Picks!

Skateboard For Big Guys

Are you struggling with your skateboard as it cannot balance your weight evenly? Well, I was also facing the same problem and found many difficulties in maintaining balance and stability on the skateboard. But after a lot of research, I found some of the best skateboards for big guys that handle the weight surprisingly well. …

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