Can You Take A Longboard On A Plane? Air Travel Tips 2023

When it comes to flying with your longboard, things can get stressful if you have to leave your ride behind. There are always concerns with the skateboard rules and regulations. So, can you take a longboard on a plane? Let’s clarify all of your doubts and see if you can keep your favorite longboard with you and fly overseas without any issues.

Can You Take a Longboard On a Plane?

The good news is the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) doesn’t think that skateboarding is a threat and allows taking it with you on carry-on bags. The bad news is whether you can carry it or not is totally up to the airlines. So, can you bring a longboard on a plane? In most cases, longboards can be carried in hand baggage but they should fit with the size limit. Not to mention, the size limit can be varied in different airlines.Can You Take a Longboard On a Plane

You can carry a skateboard in your luggage if you want. But, when you think about taking it in your hand baggage, you must consider the size limit. If your skateboard fits under a seat or even in a bin, you are on the safe side. Because in that case, there are a good number of airlines who will allow you to carry it.

You should also note that some airlines don’t consider the size limit in case of carrying skateboards. But, still, you may face some issues with some airlines. So, the best decision will be to call your airline to know about their rules.

In short, TSA has no restrictions for longboards, but you may have to take permission from your specific airlines to carry a skateboard with your hand baggage on a plane journey.

Can You Take Electric Skateboards?

If you have an electric skateboard, the rule may be quite different for it. Some airlines may allow an electric skateboard on the plane, but with one weird condition. The battery of your electric skateboard has to be run out to get permission. f

As I mentioned above, the rules for skateboards are airline-specific. For instance, when you talk about ‘Virgin Australia Airline’, they will allow you to take an electric skateboard with you. But, you must declare its existence in the check-in.

Besides, you need to make an additional declaration mentioning that your lithium battery has a maximum capacity of 160 WH. The airlines consider the dimensions of your e-board as qualifying criteria for getting permission.

Airlines that Allow to Fly with Longboard

You can already know that not every airline will allow you to fly with longboard especially in the US. Below, I will mention a list of airlines that will allow you to take your favorite longboard on an airplane.Airlines that Allow you to Fly with Longboard

1. Alaska Airlines

It is one of those airlines which will permit you to fly with a longboard. You can take it as checked luggage. However, Alaska Airlines have a condition to pack a longboard in a case that is designed to take it.

2. Air Canada

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you can take your longboard as carry-on bags? Air Canada will be there to provide you with that excellent facility to take a longboard with you.

3. American Airlines

When it comes to American Airlines, they will allow you to take it as checked baggage. However, it will cost you some extra baggage fees.

4. Allegiant Air

If you choose Allegiant Air to travel, it is also allowed to bring your longboard. But, you have to make sure that your longboard is stored in its case.

5. Delta Airlines

In Delta Airlines, you can carry a longboard as checked baggage. So, you will have to spend some extra bucks.

6. JetBlue

You can travel with your longboard on JetBlue airline. But, it will be done as a checked-baggage which will cost you extra money.

7. Southwest Airlines

You will get comparatively more flexibility while using Southwest Airlines. For instance, you can take your longboard as carry-on baggage.

8. Ryanair

If you use Ryanair, still you can take your longboards. But it should be as checked baggage, so expect to spend some extra cost.

9. Hawaiian Airlines

When it comes to carrying sports equipment, ‘Hawaiian Airlines’ has some extra rules. Of course, you can carry a longboard but it should be as checked baggage. So, it will cost you some more money.

10. United Airlines

When it comes to carry-on baggage, United Airlines has some specific rules. Your longboard should not exceed 22 inches in length and the maximum weight allowed is 45 pounds. If you carry your longboard as checked baggage, you will need to pay some extra money.

11. Spirit Airlines

‘Spirit airlines’ is another airline which will allow you to carry a longboard. But, it should be as checked baggage.

How to Pack a Longboard for Air Travel?

Packing the longboard is quite important when it comes to traveling on a plane. The smart idea is to choose a top-notch longboard handbag. The compact storage of the bag should allow you to carry the longboard along with its accessories.

If your longboard is not large and fits underneath the seat conveniently, your airline may permit you to take it on hand. I would like to suggest you carry a longboard on a backpack so that you can store the longboard and its associated accessories.

No doubt, it will reduce the heavy burden of your mainstream travel bag. If your longboard doesn’t fit your bag, you can wrap it in duct tape so that it can cover the bag.

Things to Consider When Flying with a Longboard

When traveling with a longboard, you should consider following things to make your journey more convenient and comfortable.

Things to Consider When Flying with a Longboard

Size of Longboard

No wonder, size of the longboard is important. Many airlines have size restrictions with the maximum size of a longboard when it comes to taking permission. Although some airlines don’t allow a long skateboard, in many cases, it should be longer than 62 inches.

Try to get a cheap longboard that comes in the right size for the best user experience. If you consider standard carry-on size restrictions for a longboard, you will be well-prepared to handle any issue.

Weight of Longboard

The next thing you should consider is the weight of the longboard. Your longboard’s weight should not consider 50 pounds to put you on the safe side. Not to mention, if your board is lightweight, you can have a hassle-free packing experience.

Put it in a Bag

It is also equally important. It is the requirement of many airlines. You must put your longboard in a bag which is specially designed to carry it. It will keep it safe and secure during your travel.

Remove the Battery in Case of an Electric Longboard

If you have an electric longboard, the battery should be removed. Otherwise, you will not get permission from most airlines. So, to avoid any unexpected situation, remove the battery.

Informing The Airline Staff About Longboard

Another important thing to note is you must inform about your longboard to the airline staff. And you should do it at the time of booking. The rule is during the check-in you must declare its existence to the staff.

If they don’t allow it at that moment, you can’t take it with you. In many cases, the airline staff may tell you about any existing rules and baggage policies related to flying with a longboard.

Try to reach Airport Early

Reaching the airport early will give you many benefits. If you reach early, you will have adequate time to know about any issues regarding the longboard. It will help you to have a quick solution.

Be Ready for Extra Expense

You should also keep in mind that many airline companies will allow you to take the longboard only as checked baggage. In that case, be ready to pay some extra fees for that.

Put The Longboard in The Right Place

This factor is overlooked by many users. As a concerned owner, it is your responsibility to keep your longboard safe. So, even on the plane, you should store it in the right place. If you are confused, you can always ask for help from the flight attendant.

Final Words

It is a great concern for many longboard users whether they can take it on their air travel. To cut the long story short, the Transportation Security Administration does allow you to take your longboard on board, but some airlines don’t. So, how can you take a longboard on a plane? It depends on the airline in which you are traveling. Because the rules for skateboard and longboard varies from airline to airline.

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