How To Fix A Hoverboard That Won’t Move? (2 Steps To Fix)

If you have a hoverboard, most probably you are familiar with the issue that the light of your device stays on but it won’t move. It is one of the common hoverboard problems of most users. If you also face this issue, worry no more. This article will show you how to fix a hoverboard that won’t move. So, stay with me throughout this article to know everything about it.

Top Causes Behind Your Hoverboard Won’t Move

From my experience, I noticed that there are three types of common problems most of the users face where self-balancing mode doesn’t work anymore.

  1. The hoverboard light stays on one side, but won’t move
  2. Hoverboard all light stays on, but won’t balance or move

Let me explain further. If you know about the hoverboard mechanism, you will know inside of it there is a motherboard. Also, you will see gyroscopes, hoverboard batteries, and an internal circuit in it. It is a sensor that handles all the hassle of balancing your hoverboard.

Typically, you will find one gyroscope on each side of your board. The main cause for all of these common hoverboard issues may be the faulty gyroscope. If those sensors are not working properly, your hoverboard won’t balance. Also, you’ll have a hoverboard wheel that won’t move.

Even though the light stays on, your self-balancing scooter won’t move. However, a defective hoverboard motherboard can also be a cause, but it’s a rare case.

Below I will explain how to fix this not-moving issue. Read on!

How to Fix a Hoverboard That Won’t Move?

Now that you already have an idea about the cause of this issue, let me explain how to fix it. I will break down the fixing process for each of the two causes. Check below.How to Fix a Hoverboard That Won’t Move

1. Hoverboard Light Stays On One Side

One common issue among the users is one side of the hoverboard is not working. When you experience that hoverboard light stays on only one side, but the board is not moving, the problem is maybe in the gyroscope of that particular side.

So, how to fix a hoverboard that won’t move on one side? If it is the main problem, you have to replace your existing faulty gyroscope. However, whatever the problem is, check that whether the power button is working beforehand. If the power button doesn’t work, it may cause a further problem.

Now, when you talk about a gyroscope, it is not that feasible to repair it. Instead, you can buy a new one. You can buy only a new gyroscope or a full replacement kit. In that case, you will need to replace both the gyroscopes and also motherboard.

But if you get the right model of your gyroscope, you can go for the only gyroscope option. Once you replace it, it will work again properly.

2. All the Hoverboard Lights stay On

Sometimes you may notice that all the lights including the green light stay on, but the hoverboard is not functional. In this case, chances are maybe both of your gyroscopes are damaged. In many cases, when one gyroscope becomes damaged, the other follows the first, eventually.

It may happen because of voltage inconsistencies, surges, or even extra pressure. Go for Hoverboards for Heavy People if you have extra weight to your body instead of putting unmatched pressure on a lightweight one.

If both the gyroscopes become damaged, your hoverboard won’t move, but still the lights stay on. So, how to fix it? It’s a simple process. As I mentioned above, you need to replace your gyroscopes. In this case, I will suggest you go for a good-quality hoverboard replacement kit. It will fix the issue.

How to Replace Hoverboard Gyroscopes

When you talk about replacing gyroscopes, it’s not a big deal at all. A little bit of mechanical work, and you can replace it. I always encourage DIY the replacement work. To get the job done you have to do the following things-

  • Set your hoverboard on a flat surface or platform. It will work like a workplace.
  • Open up the lid of your hoverboard. Disconnect all wire harnesses from the gyroscope.
  • Take care of disconnected wires. Then remove the faulty gyroscope component.
  • After that set the new gyroscope in the right spot.
  • Then screw it up with a good quality Philips tip screwdriver.
  • Connect the right wires carefully and never leave loose wires. Any bad connection will create a mess.
  • After that, close the lid by screwing it properly.

It’s as simple as that. But the problem is finding the right gyroscope that matches your hoverboard model. If you are confused about it, I would suggest going for the complete hoverboard repair kits. In that case, you will remain stress-free.

Wrapping Up!

It’s frustrating when your hoverboard is not moving, as it’s an expensive gadget. That is why, if you face this issue, you have to fix it soon. I hope now you know how to repair a hoverboard that won’t move. Happy riding, and good luck with getting your hands dirty!

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