What Is Skateboard Wax Used For?

What is skateboard wax used for? It is used for polishing the surface skateboarders wish to slide or grind. It can be used on surfaces such as the sidewalk or railing, which will allow the trucks or deck to glide more easily and prevent wear or scratches from occurring.

Skateboard waxes are also used on boards. It is one of the best companions of a skateboard. It protects the skateboard from harm and applying a good quality wax won’t break it down.

What is skateboard wax?

Sliding and grinding with a skateboard result in friction, which can hinder route execution more difficult. Skateboard wax helps to reduce friction during grinding or sliding down curbs, rails, and other hard surfaces.

Generally, skateboard wax is made using a paraffin base. It is really useful in making the surface smoother for you to grind so that you can perform 50-50s easily.

Whether you are just getting into performing tricks or just bought your first skateboard, you will want to get a skateboard wax that helps your board to slide smoothly and also protects it.

One thing you need to remember is that surfaces that are already smooth will get slippery if you apply skate wax. That is why you need to test the place you will be performing so that you don’t make them too slippery.

Where is skateboard wax applied?

best wax for skateboarding

You can use skateboard wax to coat the surface and the bottoms of the board you will be sliding or grinding on. The process is simple. Just take some wax and apply it to the bottom of your board and the place where you wish to do tricks. More skate wax will make your sliding and grinding more slippery.

How can I make homemade skateboard wax?

how to make skateboard wax

Skateboard wax is not easy to find, plus, it can become quite costly to buy it often. Don’t worry. There is an inexpensive way to get skate wax. With a few simple steps, you can yield your own skate wax utilizing crayons and candles.

Here is how you can do it.

Step 1: Preheat the oven

Turn on your oven and warm it up for five to ten minutes. The melting point of most waxes is typically low, so, if you keep the temperature of your oven below 150 to 180 Fahrenheit, that would be ideal.

Step 2: Prepare the supplies

Get rid of any wicks or paper from the candle or crayon you are using. Break and make them short if necessary. Also, you will need some olive or vegetable oil.

Step 3: Put the pieces of wax in a container that is oven-safe

It is essential to make sure that the holder you are using is appropriate for melted wax. Oven-safe glass bowls are an excellent choice and they are good containers for wax melting.

Step 4: Add some oil

Include some olive or vegetable oil in the wax; a teaspoon should be enough. The wax becomes more pliable because of this, which allows you to easily spread over it to your board.

Nonetheless, do not add more than a teaspoon. Otherwise, the wax may become too crumbly or soft.

Step 5: Put the wax container in the oven

Put the container with the wax in the oven and allow the mixture to melt. This should be done in about ten minutes. To be cautious, you should observe the wax as it melts. This is to make sure that your wax doesn’t catch fire.

After the wax is melted, take it out of the oven and put the melted wax in the fridge to solidify. Once it’s done, you can then take the wax from the wax container and use it on the surface you want to make smooth.

Things to look for when purchasing a skateboard wax

There is a handful of factors you need to consider when you are choosing a skateboard wax to make sure you are getting the best for you. Look for the following qualities.


The brand is a vital thing to consider when choosing a skateboard wax. Look for a brand that is known for making first-class goods. Also, ensuring quality and performance is vital to make sure you get the desired results. The wax should be able to create a skating surface that is smooth and sleek.

You should look for a wax that will serve you for a long period of time. You don’t want a wax that expires after several uses. It will be expensive as well.


Cost plays a vital role in the purchasing decision. No one wants to pay more for something that has less value in the market. Also, consider if it will be worth it to spend money for you so that you can do tricks.


The next thing to consider is the application of the product. Choose a product that will be easy to apply.

Things you can use as a substitute for skate wax

Things you can use as a substitute for skate wax

If you are unable to get off-the-rack skateboard wax, there are a few skateboard wax replacements that you can use. These things are being used as a skateboard wax substitute for years by skateboarders. Many professional skaters also affirmed that a number of the market’s curb waxes are made of this material.

Candle wax

Compare to skate wax, candle wax is economical. However, since it is quite light, its longevity is not much. Nonetheless, it is still a great alternative to skate wax and is also easy to get.


Another decent alternative to ready-made skate wax is waxy soaps. While it may not be as great as skate wax, it is cheaper and more convenient. If you are unable to find or afford skate wax, soap can work as a great alternative.


After reading this article, now you know what is skateboard wax used for. It is vital to use skate wax for skateboards to ensure smoother riding and the long life of your deck. If you can get hold of skateboard wax, there are a number of alternatives that you can try instead. Try out some of them and choose the one you find best for you.

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