How Do I Make My Longboard Wheels Last Longer?

How Long Do Longboard Wheels Last

Longboarding, in general, is by far the best thing to get if you’re in beginner in the game. It’s perfect for long rides, causing around, or even downhill races. However, that’s also the exact reason why people get confused about how long the wheels will last. If you’re wondering how do I make my longboard …

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Should I Get a Skateboard or A Longboard?

Differences Between a Longboard and A Skateboard

With so many similarities in construction, look, and functionality in skateboards and longboards, it’s easy to get confused as a beginner. So, you might be wondering whether should I get a skateboard or longboard? Longboard and skateboard look pretty similar except for the length, but there have differences in everything from uses, style to techniques …

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Do You Need Grip Tape on A Longboard? – Exuberant Guide

Do You Need Grip Tape on A Longboard

Grip tape is an important part of a skateboard attached to the top surface with adhesive, and it provides traction, secure footing and allows players to play versatile tricks. But do you need grip tape on a longboard in the first place? Is it that necessary after all? A longboard is used for cruising, freeriding, …

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How Do You Know When You Need A New Skateboard?

How Do You Know When You Need A New Skateboard

How do you know when you need a new skateboard? Well, It’s a tough question that doesn’t have any straightforward answer. Basically, you can use a skateboard as long as you want it to, until it breaks. However, you should replace your skateboard with a new one when its deck loses its structural integrity. The …

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How To Do Fingerboard Tricks For Beginners?

How To Do Fingerboard Tricks For Beginners

Up for something new today and wanted to explore some extraordinary sports? Why not try finger boarding now? It takes years of practice and dedication with a great deal of patience and endurance to master it. When you have a fingerboard, you can immediately begin practicing tricks. But how to do fingerboard tricks for beginners? …

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Are Darkstar Skateboards Good For Beginners?

Are Darkstar Skateboards Good For Beginners

Are Darkstar Skateboards good for beginners? It’s one of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received lately. If you want a straightforward answer to this question, then YES, Darkstar skateboards are good for beginners. Darkstar skateboards offer good quality decks with complete setups for all-level skateboarders. Therefore, from amateur to beginner and intermediate to pro …

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How Do I Make My Longboard Ride Smoother?

How to Improve Your Longboard Riding Skills

Longboards are more advanced versions of traditional skateboards, and they have greater stability and durability than their predecessor. Because of these advantages, a large number of sports enthusiasts are interested in the game. As longboards are commonly ridden on rough roads, getting a smooth transition can make a huge difference. So, if you’re wondering how …

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Are Fingerboards Good for Beginners? Making The Right Decision

Are Fingerboards Good For Beginners

If you’re unfamiliar with fingerboarding, the term “fingerboard” comes from the fact that it is similar to riding a skateboard. The difference is, instead of using your feet to perform tricks, you only use your two index and middle fingers to move the board. The earliest fingerboards were developed by skaters in the 1980s as …

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What Happens If You Charge Your Hoverboard Too Long?

What Happens If You Charge Your Hoverboard Too Long

While the hoverboard craze is gradually rising here in the US, the reports of damaged hoverboards are also piling up. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports more than 250 hoverboard incidents since 2015 related to fires or overheating. If you inspect what causes these incidents, overcharging would come up high. But when you know the …

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How To Reset Hoverboard Bluetooth? In-Depth Guideline In 2022

How To Reset Hoverboard Bluetooth

Isn’t it fun to ride a hoverboard around the neighborhood? What makes it even better is when a set of loudspeakers blaring up your favorite music, or a hoverboard that can be controlled with an app. For that, you need a electric hoverboard with Bluetooth connectivity. But if you are facing any issues with the …

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