How Do I Make My Longboard Wheels Last Longer?

Longboarding, in general, is by far the best thing to get if you’re in beginner in the game. It’s perfect for long rides, causing around, or even downhill races. However, that’s also the exact reason why people get confused about how long the wheels will last. If you’re wondering how do I make my longboard wheels last longer, you’re not alone.

Longboard wheels have an average lifespan of 2 to 3 months. After several uses, the wheels will gradually lose their traction. It’s also common to see the wheels get cone-shaped or lose their integrity if you do heavy turns and ride fast. But the good news is, you can increase the lifespan of your longboard’s wheels!

Follow this article to discover the tips to make your longboard wheels last longer.

How Long Do Longboard Wheels Last

You can easily find out the average lifespan of longboard wheels, but the actual lifespan of all wheels is hard to determine. That is because several aspects like barometer scale, quality, diameter, and longboarding habits depend on how long the wheels will last.

How Long Do Longboard Wheels Last

Moreover, the surface you ride on will also contribute to the lifespan of your longboard wheels. Your longboard wheels will last longer while you’ll ride the longboard on a smooth surface rather than a rough surface.

However, if you’re using quality longboard wheels for rough roads, then they will last more than you expected. Quality wheels offer more lifespan and let you perform power slides and also downhill longboarding effortlessly.

How Do I Make My Longboard Wheels Last Longer?

Well, it’s common that your longboard wheels will start shaping after you ride the longboard a couple of times. The wheels will gradually become cone-shaped, and this condition will make it very uncomfortable for you to perform longboarding.

However, you can increase your longboard wheels’ lifespan and use them for longer than average. And for that, you have to follow three principles, here they are_

  1. Using Longboard Wheels Properly
  2. Clean the Wheels
  3. Avoid Some Longboarding Style

By following these three aspects, you can significantly increase the lifespan of your longboard wheels. Here we’ll discuss and show you how to follow these principles step by step-

1. Using Longboard Wheels Properly

Most longboard riders don’t know the appropriate approach to use a longboard, which causes real quick damage to the wheels. However, you can follow the below methods to learn how to use your longboard wheels appropriately. Have a look-

Using Longboard Wheels Properly

Wheel Rotation

One of the effective ways to increase the wheel’s lifespan is to rotate them. If you used to do the same slide plenty of times, then several noticeable changes will appear in some wheels.

It happens because practicing the slide will put a lot of pressure on one side consecutively. Therefore, the best way to extend your longboard’s lifespan is to rotate the wheels from one side to another frequently.

Use Resilient Wheels

If you want to use the same longboard wheel for a long time, you should use resilient wheels. These wheels help rescue wheel and rail wear by ensuring an elastic transmission of traction while riding or sliding. Unlike other wheels, resilient wheels will not leave thane lines and will not quickly wear your wheels faster.

Keep your slides under 90°

Another way to increase the lifespan of your longboard wheels is by keeping your slides under 90° angle. If you perform sliding more than 90° then you will find your wheels in a flat spot.

The flat sports will disgrace the lifespan of your longboard wheels and also make it uncomfortable to perform longboarding. And you can avoid sliding more than 90° by keeping your foot and shoulders in position down the hill while sliding.

2. Keep The Longboard Wheels Clean

When it comes to extending the life of your longboard wheels, proper cleaning and washing are mandatory. If you’re wondering how to clean your longboard wheels, follow the below procedure-

Clean the Wheels

Remove the Wheels Properly

You cannot just wash or clean your longboard wheels inside out without dissembling them. Use a socket wrench to remove the wheels from the deck. After removing the wheels, try gently disassembling the bearings too.

Dry clean the Surface

After dissembling every part, now wipe off the whole surface of the wheel using a rag. Use a normal rag and scrub hard to element dust and all other components from the wheel.

Soak the Wheels

To clean your wheels thoroughly, give the wheels a soapy bath once a month. In that case, you can use a dish shop. Mix the dish shop into the water and then soak the wheels for 10 minutes. Try to use an old toothbrush to clean every nook and cranny.

Wipe Down the Wheels

Raise the wheels with clear water to remove the soapy water, and then use a dry and soft rag to wipe down the wet wheels. Make sure to dry the wheels completely before reassembling them on your longboard.

Take Care of the Bearings

Alongside cleaning the wheels with soapy water, the next thing you have to do is properly maintain the bearings. Use mineral spirits to clean your bearings and properly dry out them. Drop 2 or 3 drops of oil which will assist the bearings in working smoothly.

3. Avoid Some Longboarding Styles

By avoiding some longboard riding styles, you can easily increase the lifespan of your longboard’s wheels. Here they are-

Avoid Some Longboarding Style

Skating Speed

If you really love your longboard wheels, then try to avoid riding your longboard too fast. When you ride the longboard faster, it’ll create more friction, and more friction will cause wheels to wear out.


You should know that too much weight can damage both the deck and wheels. Therefore, never ride your longboard by carrying any heavy products. However, knowing the weight capacity of your longboard can be a good option.

Certain Tricks

Certain tricks, such as jumping and performing all types of ticks can impact the lifespan of your longboard wheels. Jump, and several tricks put a lot of pressure on wheels which causes damage.

Wet condition

It may be a different level of adventure to ride your longboard in the rain, but the rainwater can damage your wheels. Especially your wheel bearings, therefore try not to perform longboarding in the rain.

Smooth Surface

If possible, try to avoid longboarding on rough surfaces because rough surfaces will damage your longboard wheels quickly. Longboarding on a smooth surface like a skate park will be an ideal solution.

Final Words

Most longboard wheels are made of urethane or various kinds of materials with many properties. Therefore, it’s pretty tough to determine how long the wheels give you good results with quality traction. Although most wheels give an average lifespan of 2 to 3 months, you can extend the lifespan with proper maintenance.

Okay, now you know how do I make my longboard wheels last longer and what technique or methods to follow. Try to maintain all the maintenance methods or tips we’ve described above to perform longboarding with your favorite wheels for a long time.

Hello, this is Jose Lewis, a skateboard and skate shoe club coach who has been skating for over 20 years. I have been a professional skater for 10 years and have been coaching for the past 5 years. I am very passionate about skating and love to share my knowledge and experience with others. I strongly believe that anyone can learn to skate and that it is a great way to stay active and have fun.

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