How to make longboarding gloves

How to make longboarding gloves

Longboarding is a risky sport where gloves can protect you from falling, sliding or foot breaking due to high-speed riding. But buying new gloves can cost a lot of money and time after the end of the year. However, you can save all that money and get sliding gloves with optimum safety simply by learning … Read more

Are longboards supposed to bend?

Are longboards supposed to bend

Yes, longboards tend to bend to remain stable and balanced and offer better control. Longboards are specially designed for long rides and curves at higher speeds. And that stability and balance are required for speedy travel.  Longboard Flex: What Is It? The rigidity of a longboard deck determines its bend, which controls the shock absorbency … Read more

10 Best Freestyle Skateboards For Crazy Skaters (Choose The Best One!)

Best Freestyle Skateboards

Freestyle skating is the art of skateboarding with thrilling experiences. Teens and adults are fond of the predominant skating style. Since 1960, skaters have been practicing this skateboarding style worldwide. Skaters perform the sensations skating segment on the streets with different tricks. And the expert skaters need unique boards to show their expertise. Unlike regular … Read more

How Much Should a Beginner Spend on a Longboard?

How Much Should a Beginner Spend on a Longboard

Sometimes it isn’t easy to figure out what type of longboard you need as a beginner and how much it should cost. Once you first decide to get your first longboard, chances are, you’ll get confused with a huge array of price ranges. But the question is, how much should a beginner spend on a … Read more

Can Fat People Use Hoverboard?

Can Fat People Use Hoverboards

Hoverboards are fun for all age groups of people; teenagers, youth, and also adults. But it can be quite a challenge for heavier individuals, just like it is for too lightweight ones. If you’re on the heavier side, it can be a common thing for you to think about your compatibility with your hoverboard. So, … Read more

Are Kryptonics Longboards Good for Beginners?

Are Kryptonics Longboards Good for Beginners

The Kryptonics longboards will get you where you need to be in style while providing a smooth, comfortable ride. Also, Kryptonics longboards have been a mainstay of the skate, snow, and wake community for many years. Okay, fancy things about this brand are overwhelming. But as you’re just starting with longboarding, you might ask, are … Read more

How Do You Longboard Rough Ground?

How Do You Longboard Rough Ground

The wonderful thing about longboards is the various wheel options. They dramatically determine how well the board will roll on a particular road surface. Also, most longboards have soft wheels with better shock absorption. But the question is, how do you longboard rough ground? Do they perform well on gravel or bumpy roads? Longboarding over … Read more