Are Darkstar Skateboards Good For Beginners?

Are Darkstar Skateboards good for beginners? It’s one of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received lately. If you want a straightforward answer to this question, then YES, Darkstar skateboards are good for beginners.

Darkstar skateboards offer good quality decks with complete setups for all-level skateboarders. Therefore, from amateur to beginner and intermediate to pro skaters, anyone can easily ride a Darkstar skateboard.

Moreover, high-quality trucks, impressive artwork, nice concave, alongside good-quality decks make Darkstar Skateboards highly suitable for beginners. Learn more about Darkstar skateboards and how to ride them as a beginner throughout this article.

Short Overview Of Darkstar Skateboard Brand

Darkstar is one of the most reputed skateboard brands with a good record for its product and service. It was founded by Chet Thomas in 1997 only to make high quality skateboard wheels, which helped them gain a good reputation. After a couple of years, Darkstar skateboards started producing skateboard decks.

Darkstar Skateboard

Alongside decks, they have started making a complete skateboard including a deck, bearings, trucks, and wheels. Darkstar skateboards produce unique and high-quality complete skateboards which makes the brand famous among the top quality skateboard makers. Check the Darkstar Skateboards Review to learn about its products and usability in depth.

Are Darkstar Skateboards Good For Beginners?

Darkstar skateboards are one of the top quality skateboards which are suitable for both beginners to pros. They offer complete top-notch skateboards with quality decks, wheels, designs, and concave. They use a combination of various technologies on top of high-end materials to produce the most long-lasting skateboards.

Likewise, they offer highly durable and almost unbreakable decks and wheels which are super suitable for beginners. Most importantly, you’ll not find durable skateboards like Darkstar skateboards in an affordable price range.

Are Darkstar Skateboards Good For Beginners

Another unique thing about Darkstar skateboards is they come with detailed and eye-catching deck graphic designs. Since Darkstar skateboard offers solid decks and a proper complete setup, nothing can be a better option than Darkstar skateboard for beginners.

Step By Step Guide To Riding Darkstar Skateboard For Beginners

Not only skateboarding, before starting any new things, everything seems complicated until you try. The same principle also goes with learning Darkstar or any skateboard riding. However, you can easily learn how to ride a Darkstar skateboard as a beginner by following the below steps:

Step By Step Guide To Riding Darkstar Skateboard For Beginners

Step – 1: Get the right Skateboard

Darkstar skateboards are available in different sizes and shapes, and as a beginner, you should get the best one. Try to choose a skateboard with a deck size that is relative to your shoe size. If your shoe size is around 6.5 to 9, you should get a skateboard with a size of 7.5 to 8.0 inches.

Get a Skateboard

Step – 2:  Wear Safety Gear

After selecting a Darkstar skateboard, the next thing you have to do is wear appropriate safety gear. Always try to wear safety gear like a helmet, slide gloves, knee pads, elbow pads to keep yourself safe from all types of impacts.

Wear Safety Gear

Step – 3:  Find a Good Place for Skating

The next thing you have to do is find a suitable place for learning or skating as a beginner. As a beginner, you should learn to skateboard in skate parks because they offer smooth surfaces. Also, try to take help from someone who knows skateboarding and has plenty of experience with it.

Find a Good Place for Skating

Step – 4:  Stand on Your Skateboard

Once you learn how to stand on a skateboard, half your work will be done. Follow the below stand on your Darkstar skateboard

Stand on Your Skateboard

  • Place the board on a level surface. Then try to stand on it by placing your feet properly.
  • Stand with your feet at an angle to the side of the board and learn how to keep balance.
  • Now place your left foot forward and the right one in the rear area of the board. Then try to roll the broad slightly to see how the wheels move.

Step – 5:  Push the Skateboard with Your Feet

Once you figure out how to stand on the Darkstar skateboard, you have to learn how to push the skateboard. Pushing is the most important skill to learn in the process of learning to ride a skateboard. Here is the process you need to follow:

Push the Skateboard Through Your Feet

  • First, place your non-dimensional foot near the front wheels at a 30-degree angle.
  • Bend your front foot knee a little, so the other foot can easily reach the ground.
  • Now push off with your dimensional foot and then place the foot on the rear side.
  • Position your non-dimensional foot sideways and keep practicing the pushing step until you feel comfortable

Step – 6:  Learn How to Turn

After learning how to push your skateboard, you have to learn to turn the skateboard. There are two types of turns, including kick turn and carving turn. We’ll show both of them:

Learn How to Turn

Kick Turn

  • Put gentle pressure on the rear side of your skateboard to lift the front lip.
  • Now use your body weight and lean in to perform a kick turn.

Carving Turn

  • Bend your knees to keep yourself in a low position before starting to carve turns.
  • Now apply pressure on your toes or heels with your shoulders to the direction you want to turn.
  • Once you’ve turned completely, now bring your body in the natural position.

Step – 7:  Learn How to Take a Brake

Once you’ve learned how to push, turn, and roll on the skateboard, the braking system is the next thing you have to figure out. You can take brake in different ways and here we’ll show the most common and effective braking system, have a look-

Learn How to Take a Brake

Foot braking

Foot braking is one of the fundamentals you must know to stop the skateboard when it’s necessary. All you have to do is drag your dimensional foot on the ground and keep your weight balanced on the board through your non-dimensional foot. Practice the same step a couple of times until you learn skateboard foot braking entirely.

Step – 8:  Learn How to Fall Properly

It’s common to fall during the skateboard riding learning process. However, falling can cause minor to severe injury, which can be avoided by learning how to fall appropriately. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Learn How to Fall Properly

  • During falling down, keep your arms loose and try to put your arms out.
  • Another trick you can follow is during falling down, try to land yourself with a splat. It will put less pressure and stress on your body.
  • If you are going fast and see something bad on your way, it is better to just jump and get to your feet. Don’t stick on the board if you’re feeling like you’re losing control.

Skateboarding Safety Tips for Beginners

Whether you’re a beginner or pro, you must maintain some safety tips to keep yourself safe from injuries. Safety tips mean wearing some safety equipment, including a helmet, guards, pads, etc. Follow the below section to learn about them briefly:

Skateboarding Safety Tips for Beginners

1. Helmet

When it’s about any wheel-based sport, wearing a helmet is a must. Helmet will keep your head safe from any type of incident during skateboarding.

2. Slide Gloves

A pair of protective skate gloves will work as a brake and keep your hand safe from several road components while taking a brake.

3. Knee Pads

Every beginner should wear knee pads while learning skateboarding and also while learning how to slide. Knee pads will help to keep your knees safe from all types of impacts.

4. Elbow Pads

As a beginner, you must wear elbow pads while learning or riding a Darkstar skateboard. Elbow is a sensitive part of our body that requires special safety attention while riding a skateboard.

Final Words

Darkstar skateboards are one of the most popular skateboard brands known for their supreme quality and affordability. They offer solid and long-lasting decks and complete out-and-out setups. These skateboards offer super strong decks, heavy duty wheels, good quality bearings, and trucks, making Darkstar skateboard suitable for all-level skateboard riders.

Well, now you know why are Darkstar skateboards good for beginners and what makes them suitable for any level of expertise. The Darkstar Skateboard is worth trying, and as a beginner, you can give it a try. Jump on your Darkstar skateboard and don’t forget to consider the safety tips before skating. We’ve mentioned quite a few safety measures for you to follow.

Hello, this is Jose Lewis, a skateboard and skate shoe club coach who has been skating for over 20 years. I have been a professional skater for 10 years and have been coaching for the past 5 years. I am very passionate about skating and love to share my knowledge and experience with others. I strongly believe that anyone can learn to skate and that it is a great way to stay active and have fun.

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