Can Fat People Use Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are fun for all age groups of people; teenagers, youth, and also adults. But it can be quite a challenge for heavier individuals, just like it is for too lightweight ones. If you’re on the heavier side, it can be a common thing for you to think about your compatibility with your hoverboard.

So, can fat people use hoverboard? Can you control the self-balancing ride without falling off?

Turns out, fat people can use hoverboards just fine, but with the right hoverboard. Just like every hoverboard has a minimum weight to run smooth, it also comes with a maximum weight limit to maintain. All you have to do is, find the right board and get on with it.

Let’s get you through the things you must know before you can get along with a hoverboard as a heavy person.

Can Fat People Use Hoverboards?

Yes, hoverboards can be used by fat adults. Of course, one of the first things you will get concerned about is your balance and stability but with time, you can become master of it.

Can Fat People Use Hoverboards

If you will climb on any hoverboard that is not your own, it is important that you ask for the weight capacity of the device. it is inappropriate for you to get on a hoverboard that has less capacity to support your body weight.

Apart from your ability to damage the device, you can also fall off from the device and end up getting yourself injured. Therefore, the only chance you have with getting on a hoverboard is when you are sure of the weight limit of the device.

Getting your own hoverboard will make the difference in having a smooth experience or performance. Most of the hoverboards out there in the market come with a manufacturer’s weight limit. You should check the size chart with the weight limit and opt for the hoverboards with a higher weight limit that can support your body weight comfortably.

What Happens if You Exceed the Weight Limit on a Hoverboard?

When it comes to using a hoverboard, one of the biggest concerns many first-time riders have is if they exceed the weight limit on a hoverboard. Most hoverboards are rated to handle a maximum load of 220 pounds which should cover a large percentage of riders.

What Happens if You Exceed the Weight Limit on a Hoverboard

However, it is important that you are so sure of the weight limit before getting on the device. This is because the consequences of getting on the device can be severe if your weight exceeds the weight limit of the hoverboard.

High Possibility of Damaging the Hoverboard

If you ride a hoverboard at over the maximum weight, it will result in damages to the hoverboard. Over the weight limit can cause the circuitry of the hoverboard to be damaged and possibly crack the motherboard.

The weight limit is not just for show but an essential part of the hoverboard that you need to give attention to. It is an important safety feature. It helps to ensure that performance stays at the highest level and that there are no breakdowns. If you exceed the weight limit for your hoverboard, the board may become inoperable or damaged.

Poor Performance

If you’re putting higher weight on the hoverboard, beyond its weight limit, it may not be very responsive to your commands. For instance, when you try to move it forward, it will take a heck of time before the hoverboard starts moving forward slowly. Besides, when you try turning, you may find that it is either hard to turn or not turn at all.

The heavier you are, the longer it will take for the hoverboard to reach its maximum speed, and the sooner it will slow down when riding or turning.

High Possibility of Hurting Yourself

Exceeding the weight limit on a hoverboard can have a dramatic impact on your experience. Usually, it may result in falling off and hurting yourself. You should never exceed the weight limit on a hoverboard unless you want to hurt yourself.

For instance, if the maximum recommended weight is 220 pounds, under safety standards you should not exceed. If you do, you can lose control and fall over, or the control unit in your hoverboard might malfunction and expose you to an electric shock

How to Choose an Ideal Hoverboard for Fat People?

Some people are embarrassed about their weight and the mere thought of riding a hoverboard makes them uncomfortable. However, there are some certain hoverboards you can use as a fat individual. The important thing is that you choose the right hoverboard for yourself.

How to Choose an Ideal Hoverboard for Fat People

There are some factors that you need to know which will help you pick the right hoverboard.

Know Your Weight

You need to know how much you weigh because the maximum weight capacity differs from one hoverboard to another. Those who are too heavy for particular hoverboards will find themselves continuously falling off the device.

So, if you know your weight, it will help quite easily for you to choose the hoverboard that will be convenient for you to use.

Weight Limit of the Hoverboard

The weight capacity is a crucial feature for heavy people when buying the best hoverboard. The maximum weight limit of hoverboards varies from model to model, with the average weight limit being 200 pounds. It is better you invest in one that is above your weight.

Your chance of having the best fun and excitement on the hoverboard is getting the one that can support your weight without any issue. As long as you can find it easy to get your balance, stability and move freely.

Battery Life

The battery life of your hoverboard depends on its capacity and weight. The cheaper models most likely have a lower range charge, so if you are overweight or fat, the runtime will be considerably shorter. So, always opt for the one with a large battery capacity.

Also, a hoverboard that has a longer battery life is perfect for holding weight for fat people.

When looking for an ideal hoverboard for fat people, look for one with good battery life, as this will enable you to cover a considerable distance without having to worry about charging your hoverboard every time.

Size of the Hoverboard

The size of the hoverboard is an important factor that you need to take into consideration before making the final buying decision. Hoverboards with large decks often require less balancing. And as a fat individual, you need one with a large deck so you can find it easy to get your balance and stability.

Size of the Hoverboard

For those who have a bigger body size, the size of the hoverboard is the most important factor. It is better to go for the larger boards so you can ride comfortably. A perfect size of 10 inches is ideal for heavy riders. So, look for that option first.

Price of the Hoverboard

The hoverboard is undoubtedly among the coolest and most popular new gadgets in the market. They are quite affordable especially if you know how to choose an ideal hoverboard for fat people. The price can vary according to several factors, including the quality of the hoverboard, size, and speed.

Actually, it is a good choice to get your first cheap hoverboard. If you are looking for the best hoverboard under $200 and want to save as much money as possible, a non-brand or new brand hoverboard may be your ideal choice.

Wheel Size

Choosing a hoverboard that has a larger wheel size is the best option for fat people. The hoverboard will be able to adapt to different terrains and its stability will be better. Make sure you check the size of the wheel before you buy the product.

As a rule of thumb, bigger wheels are slightly better and smoother on uneven terrains. If you are a fat person, an 8 and 10 inches hoverboard would be a better choice for you, as it has a strong bearing capacity and will give you a better riding experience.

How to Make Hoverboard More Safe for Fat People?

If you are overweight or fat and you own a hoverboard, you should do your best to keep the device safe to use. There are things you need to do always to ensure the device is safe for you.

How to Make Hoverboard More Safe for Fat People

  • Always Inspect the Hoverboard before Using It: Check the hoverboard before using it to make sure it is safe to use. Inspect the hoverboard’s wheel size, suspension, deck condition and others. You always want to make sure your hoverboard is in good condition before using it. Inspecting will let you know if anything is wrong with the hoverboard or not. Once you confirm it is in good condition, then it is safe to use.
  • Get Familiar with the Hoverboard: Getting familiar with a hoverboard is the first step in making it safe for fat people. Once you are ready to try one, follow the safety rules and make sure that you ride at a slower speed while wearing protective gear. You need to practice and know the principle of how to move the device. Once you get to know the right way to command it, it will become easy to have fun and stay safe on the hoverboard
  • Wear Safety Gear: If you are overweight, you need to protect yourself as far as you can. Using a hoverboard comes with some risks. You can help to keep safe by wearing safety gear. Get yourself a high-quality helmet and knee pads before you start riding around your household. This will help to prevent head and knee injuries in case of a fall.
  • Start at Low Speed: Start slowly, practice, and learn to stop. At first, it might be quite hard to control the speed of the board. You should not turn too fast, but instead, start slowly and find your balance. You can always increase the speed as you advance in your training and practice.


Now that you know whether can fat people use hoverboard or not, you must keep a few things in mind. To recap them in simple words, you must get the right hoverboard in the first place with the adequate weight capacity.

After that, you should know how to operate the hoverboard efficiently with your higher body weight. Further, you should inspect the ride every once in a while and make sure the hoverboard is in good shape. Only then you can be confident about not falling off a hoverboard while riding one.

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