Is Kryptonics A Good Longboard Brand? [Know In Details]

Whether you’re a newbie or pro longboarder, you must have heard about Kryptonics at some point. It’s one of the top and front line longboard brands that offer longboards with durable structures and wide deck designs.

Kryptonics is a praiseworthy, demandable, and renowned longboard brand that manufactures ergonimically ideal longboards. They offer affordable longboards with sturdy and long-lasting decks, good wheel sizes, premium trucks and bearings among other high-end features. 

In short, it’s worth buying Kryptonics longboards as they offer preferable, quality, and durable longboards. However, if you’re still wondering is kryptonics a good longboard brand or not, and how it compares with others, we’ll give you a deeper insight below.

Overview Of Kryptonics Longboard Brand

Kryptonics is one of the oldest skateboard brands that started by producing polyurethane and computer products in the mid-60s. That means this company was not a skateboard manufacturer from the beginning.

Well, in the 70s, Kryptonics stepped into the market by making quality skateboard wheels, and the wheels gained considerable popularity. After making the quality wheels, Kryptonics started making high-quality pre-assembled skateboards and longboards, which won races and competitions down the line.

Overview Of Kryptonics Longboard Brand

Since then, Kryptonics has become a big name in the field of longboards that offer affordable skateboards and longboards. The affordable price, cool design, flexible decks, and fine riding experience makes them a heavy-hitter in the skateboard industry.

If you’re interested in knowing their products in-depth, be sure to check out the Kryptonics longboard review. It’ll help you know what helps the Kryptonics brand to gain massive popularity.

For now, let’s focus on the brand they’ve built over time.

Is Kryptonics A Good Longboard Brand?

If you’re wondering if Kryptonics is a good longboard brand or not, the short answer is: Yes, They are a hell of a brand you can rely on! It’s one of the repeated longboard brands that have a reputation for making quality longboards.

Is Kryptonics A Good Longboard Brand

However, if you want to know what makes Kryptonics a good longboard, follow the below section. Here we’ve included aspects that help to make Kryptonics a good longboard brand. Have a look:

1. Material

The manufacturing material is one of the core aspects that helps Kryptonics make a good quality longboard. Most of the Kryptonics longboard’s decks are made of maple wood which offers a flexible and durable deck.


Alongside the deck, Kryptonics also offer a longboard with high-quality wheels (which they started with), bearings, truck, baseplate, bolts, nuts, and washer. The use of quality material makes the Kryptonics longboard an excellent choice.

2. Design & Types

Design is another crucial factor that helps to make the Kryptonics brand a quality longboard brand. Kryptonics produce different types of longboards, and among them, pintail type longboard is the most popular one.

Design & Types

The pintail-type longboard ensures enough efficiency and comfort. Moreover, Kryptonics longboards are also designed to offer smooth arching turns and effortless rides as well.

3. Color

Kryptonics longboards are known as the top choice for longboard riders because of their unique color and design. They manufacture different types of longboards including elegant and colorful which makes them a good choice for longboarding.


Moreover, longboarding is a delightful, hobbyist, and pleasing sport, and colorful Kryptonics longboards are just perfect for all-level longboard riders.

4. Durability

Durability is the most important thing (alongside comfort) when it’s about longboards, and Kryptonics has a reputation for making durable longboards. As Kryptonics use quality materials to make a longboard, you don’t have to worry about the durability of Kryptonics longboards.


5. Age & Weight Issues

Last but not least, another thing that makes Kryptonics a good longboard brand is the age variation and weight support. From 8 years old kids to any adult person; anyone can ride the Kryptonics longboard.

Age & Weight Issues

On the other hand, Kryptonics offer a longboard with a weight capacity of 220lbs and more. That means an average person can easily and comfortably ride the Kryptonics longboards.

These are some major and core aspects that help to make Kryptonics a good longboard brand.

Pros And Cons Of Buying An Kryptonics Longboard

Well, to know more about the Kryptonics longboard, we’ve included some of the primary pros and cons of this brand’s longboard. Follow the section below to take deep dive into the pros and cons of Kryptonics longboard:

Pros And Cons Of Buying An Kryptonics Longboard


Here are the main advantages of getting a Kryptonics longboard:


One of the major advantages of getting a Kryptonics longboard is its affordability. Kryptonics offer the most affordable longboard along with ensuring quality.

Excellent Riding Experience:

Most of the Kryptonics longboards are designed in a manner that helps provide an excellent riding experience for riders. So as a beginner or pro, you’ll get excellent riding experience with Kryptonics longboards.

Easy to Ride:

Kryptonics is a beginner-friendly longboard, and Kryptonics made longboards with easy riding ability.

Sturdy and Long-Lasting Decks:

Most of the Kryptonics longboard decks are made of maple wood. And this wood helps to ensure a super durable and flexible deck.

Durable Structure:

Kryptonics offer longboards with a durable structure system. The manufacturer uses quality materials and products which help to make the  Kryptonics longboards durable and long-lasting.

Nice and Eye-Catching Design:

Last but not least, another aspect that makes the Kryptonics longboard popular is the nice and attractive, eye-catching design. You’ll find different types of Kryptonics longboards with many different designs.


Kryptonics also have a few things you might not be happy about. They are:

Not Suitable for Drop-Down Ride and Carving:

Basically, Kryptonics longboards are suitable for beginners, and they are not that suitable for drop-down rides and carving.

Not Good for Rough Road Riding:

One of the major disadvantages of Kryptonics longboards is they are not suitable to ride on rougher pavements. And you’ll have good riding experience riding a Kryptonics longboard on a smooth surface.

Should You Buy a Kryptonics Longboard?

If you’re still wondering if it’s worth it to get a Kryptonics longboard or not, the short answer is YES. Kryptonics is one of the popular and top-quality longboard brands that offer quality longboards for both beginners and pros.

Should You Buy a Kryptonics Longboard

When you get a Kryptonics longboard, it’ll provide quality service for a long time as Kryptonics longboards are made of quality materials. Most importantly, Kryptonics longboards are made of maple wood decks that provide flexibility and durability.

In short, if you’re planning to get a new longboard and you want it to be high quality yet affordable, then it’ll be a good idea to go with Kryptonics.


To conclude, we must say that if you’re looking for a quality longboard, you can trust the Kryptonics brand. This brand has a reputation for making top-quality longboards by maintaining flexibility, durability, and easy usability.

And we hope now you get the answer of is Kryptonics a good longboard brand or not. You’ll get it with long-lasting and sturdy decks and also designed with quality accessories, today get a Kryptonics longboard. Get your longboard today, and don’t forget to ensure safety gear before longboarding.

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