Why Are Longboards So Expensive?

Not just you, but almost everyone who wants to use a longboard instead of a skateboard, end up with a common question: why are longboards so expensive?

Well, the main reason that longboards cost more is the manufacturing cost. Unlike skateboards, people use longboards for intense rides like downhill races. Therefore, longboards need to be heavily reinforced, ultimately resulting in the final cost.

Moreover, Longboards are longer and wider than skateboards, hence they offer more easy and flexible riding. Plus, they come with high-quality and different accessories, body parts, materials, shapes, and of course, attractive decorations. Why not go deep into the discussion and see why longboards are more expensive? Let’s do that!

Why Are Longboards So Expensive?

Why Are Longboards So Expensive

In recent times, longboards popularity is increasing rapidly, and we all know high demand pushes prices higher. However, high demand is not the main reason that makes longboards so expensive, and the core reasons are:

  • Longboard brand
  • Longboard size/riding style
  • Deck
  • Trucks
  • Wheel
  • Bearings

These are some common and noticeable aspects that bring differences between an expensive longboard and a cheap longboard or skateboard. Well, we’re going to discuss all these core reasons in detail in the following sections:

1. Longboard Brand

Longboard brand reputation plays a major role when it’s about the price range. Different longboard brands come with varying price ranges, and a more popular brand means a more expensive longboard.

Longboard Brand

Some of the popular brands are Loaded Longboards, Sector 9, Landyachtz Boards, etc. All the good longboard brands offer reliable, trustworthy, and quality products that cost a little extra than other casual longboard manufacturers.

2. Longboard Size

Another thing that contributes to the price range of longboards is the size. Longboards are basically longer and wider than skateboards, and the larger the size of the longboard, the higher the price.

Longboard Size

You’ll find differences in the price range because different sizes require separate costs for making the board. However, you’ll also find a small longboard with a small price range.

3. Deck material and Style

The deck is the main aspect that brings differences in the price range between a longboard and other skateboard types. Longboard deck is basically made with different materials, including:

  • Maple Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Carbon Fiber

A longboard deck made of bamboo is an affordable type of deck, and a Maple wood deck is basically expensive. Alongside the deck material, deck style also plays a big role in offering different price ranges.

Deck and Deck Style

You’ll find several styles in longboard decks, including:

  • Drop-Through Design
  • Top-Mounted Deck

Both of them offer different riding experiences and provide a separate price range as well. Moreover, longboard decks are highly customizable, and customizing a deck will cost more than a pre-designed deck.

4. Trucks

Trucks lead a vital factor in bringing difference in the price range of longboards. There are different types of trucks including pivot, reverse, and standard. All of them are quite pricey.


On the other hand, most truck brands use reputable and high-quality truck brands like Thunder Trucks, Silver Trucks, Independent Trucks, and so on. In short, the use of high-quality trucks is one of the core reasons that longboards are so expensive.

5. Wheel Size

The next thing that contributes to the longboard pricing is the wheel size. Basically, longboards require larger and softer wheels than all other skateboard types, which are pretty pricey.

Wheel Size

And modern longboard wheels are made of polyurethane, which is flexible, durable, provides cool color, and is expensive. Also, most of the longboard manufacturers use quality brand wheels, including Seismic, Cloud Ride, Venom, and many more.

6. Bearings

Almost all longboard manufacturers use heavy-duty bearings to withstand torque and offer smooth and noise-free longboarding. Although many types of longboard bearings are available, stainless steel and ceramic bearings are the most expensive ones. High-quality longboards are made of ceramic bearings, and they allow the riders to ride smoother with easier .


These are some common factors that make longboards so much more expensive than all other skateboard types. However, you’ll also find some good quality longboards in medium budget and even low budget too.

What Are Some Best Longboard Brands?

When it’s about longboarding, you’ll find a bunch of brands that manufacture longboards. However, not all of them are worth it to buy and that’s why it’s essential to know what are the best longboard brands.

What Are Some Best Longboard Brands

Well, for your convenience, here we’ve included some of the best longboard brands that you can try. Have a look:

Arbor longboards:

Arbor longboards is one of the top-quality longboard brands that have a reputation for making high-performance longboards. They offer longboards in different price ranges, and you’ll find good quality longboards in the price range of $150 – $210.

Landyachtz longboards:

We believe Landyachtz longboards is also one of the ranked longboard brands that produce good quality longboards. This brand offers good quality longboards from $170 – $250, and they are super durable as well.

Loaded longboards:

Among many longboard brands, Loaded longboards are also considered a top-quality longboard brand that offers longboards from $290 – $360. All their longboards are durable, innovative, and offer a stylish look as well.

Globe longboards:

Globe longboards also produce top-quality longboards by maintaining quality and craftsmanship to ensure durability. And you’ll easily find a good quality longboard with a price range of $150 – $230 from this brand.

Sector 9 longboards:

Even if you’re not a new longboarder, then you must have heard about Sector 9, the famous longboard brand. It’s one of the top-quality brands that manufacture top-notch longboards. And you will find a good quality Sector 9 longboard in a price range of $140 – $225.

These are some of the popular and good-quality longboard brands that offer the best longboards. Alongside them, some other longboard brands are Omen Longboards, DB longboards, Dusters California, Moonshine longboards.

Is Buying An Expensive Longboard Worth It?

If you’re wondering if buying an expensive longboard is worth it or not, the short answer is YES. That is because most of the expensive longboards are designed more ergonomically, and they offer more stability and reliable usability.

Are Buying An Expensive Longboard Worth It

Although you can easily get a longboard at a low price, they will not offer stability, flexibility, or durability. On the other hand, most of the expensive longboards incorporate a lot of quality components to ensure comfort and reliability.

In short, it’ll be completely worth it to get an expensive longboard for comfortable and effortless longboarding.

Final Words

It’s a common rule that if you want a quality product, you must spend a little more on that. And the same goes with a longboard, and if you want a quality longboard, it’ll cost more than average ones.

Moreover, above we’ve explained what makes a longboard more expensive than other skateboard types. We’ve also listed some of the best longboard brands with an average price range of quality longboards. And we really hope you get the answer of why are longboards so expensive and why expensive longboards are worth buying.

Happy longboarding and don’t forget to take care of yourself and wear all safety gear before you get on that board and start surfing around.

Hello, this is Jose Lewis, a skateboard and skate shoe club coach who has been skating for over 20 years. I have been a professional skater for 10 years and have been coaching for the past 5 years. I am very passionate about skating and love to share my knowledge and experience with others. I strongly believe that anyone can learn to skate and that it is a great way to stay active and have fun.

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