Why Is My Skateboard So Slow?

Hey, what if you have a skateboard and running slow? Boring, right? Yes, it is! After a certain period of skating, your board will run slowly, which is quite normal. We usually love to skate at a high speed as we feel like flying. When slow movement occurs, we often ask for the solution: Why is my skateboard so slow? 

You have started skating with your friends, but you are behind as it is running slowly! Don’t panic! If you find the skateboard running slowly, you need to fix a few issues to make it run faster again. 

Generally, the skateboard’s soft wheels are what slows a skateboard down in the first place. Along with other important aspects, the board’s bearings might occasionally slow its speed as well. To solve the slow-progressing matter of skateboarding, we have a lot of solutions. Let’s talk about this in detail.

What Makes Your Skateboard Go Slow?

Actually, having a slow skateboard is not always a negative thing unless it disturbs your skating. It’s not necessarily a negative thing for technical skaters to have the flexibility to have a slower skateboard. For a variety of reasons, the skateboard is slow. It frequently occurs as a result of dirt and dust accumulation on the wheels and bearings. 

Sometimes a skateboard is considerably heavier than it can support, ultimately making it difficult to move. However, it is better to notice and deal with the problem if it is compromising your skating performance. We have some possible reasons and solutions to fix the problem. Keep reading to learn more about skating issues.

Do Wheels Affect Skateboard Speed?

Yes, the size of the wheel may have an impact on how quickly you skate. When you have small and sharp wheels, they will move more quickly than the large and rounded ones. In addition to moving more swiftly, harder wheels are good to go. Also, smaller wheels are better for technical and street skating since they are lightweight. 

Larger wheels, on the other hand, are heavier but roll more quickly and maintain their speed better, especially in rough places. The speed of a skateboard is influenced by the size, shape, and durometer of the wheels. So, make sure you consider that fact!

Do Trucks Affect Skateboard Speed?

Actually, your average skateboard speed can be considerably affected by the surface and environment you ride on. The trucks on your skateboard are the most important factor, what we call the soul of the board. 

Basically, the width of the skateboard truck is important when determining the speed. Narrow trucks are better for speed and flips, whilst wide trucks are preferable when cruising or carving.

Do Bearings Affect Skateboard Speed?

Since old bearings can slow you down, when you have new bearings on your board, the settled lubricant into the surface always makes the hand spin faster. You need to focus on the rollout time that passes after you push off before your wheels stop turning. When you have a good quality bearing, you can roll longer.

See more: lubricant for skateboard bearings 

You should also be aware of the issue with hybrid bearings, which have steel races and ceramic balls. Therefore, the balls can distort the steel races, slow down the roll speeds, and accelerate bearing wear. In that case, you can use Bones Swiss bearings to fix the skateboard’s sluggish motion issue.

12 Common Slow Skateboard Reasons & Solutions

new skateboard bearings are slow

We have found some possible reasons that make your board slow. Let’s check out what makes you feel irritated during skating time.

Ideal Pushing Strategies

You need to know how to push properly to go faster. Keep your knees bent at all times since it helps to balance and control the board. Your dominant leg should be positioned just below the front bolts, facing around 35 to 45 degrees, with the back foot over the bolts behind your front foot. It’s also crucial to remember to maintain a straight back.

Your Board Is Not Completely Set Up

Just before starting to skate, set the entire board properly. Make sure the wheels or bearings are not too tight or too loose. Ideal installation is crucial to riding faster and avoiding slow skating performance.

Wrong-Sized Skateboard’s Trucks & Wheel Size

Generally, a larger wheel travels farther with fewer rotations than a smaller wheel. Additionally, narrow wheels are less stable at high speeds and have less contact with the ground.

For basic use, 54mm of the ride is adequate for faster movement. Larger wheels, such as those between 60mm and 70mm, are great when riding all around town. Moreover, to make it simple to get on and off, make sure the size of your truck corresponds to the deck of the skateboard. However, let’s have a look at the chart:

Deck SizeTruck SizeWheel Size
87.75 to 8.25 Axles50 to 54 mm
8.1258.0 to 8.25 Axles50 to 54 mm
8.258.0 to 8.5 Axles52 to 55 mm
8.3758.25 to 8.5 Axles52 to 55 mm

Wheels Are Blocked by Axle Nuts

Visually, it appears to be a minor but crucial component of the skateboard! It should be slightly tightened, but never too tightly. Axle nuts that have been overtightened put pressure on the bearings and obstruct the spinning of the wheels.

Check if you can get your wheels to spin more freely for at least 20 seconds by trying to considerably loosen them. The wheels will spin longer if the axle nut is slightly loosened, but you must watch out that the nut doesn’t come off.

Use Smooth and Flat Surface to Skate

When skating, avoid bumpy roads since they not only impair the longevity of your skateboard but will also cause you to lose speed over time. If you ride on an improper surface, your new skateboard bearings may occasionally be slow. To run more quickly, always choose a flat, smooth surface.

Remember that 101a is the hardest skateboard wheel and 73a is the softest. Additionally, the 96a to 99a range can be a great alternative for optimum speed and suitable grip. For example, you should utilize wheels between 60 and 75 millimeters in diameter on steeper routes.

Soft Wheels Slow You Down

Larger wheels move slower but keep speed better due to their greater stability. How do softer wheels slow you down? Slower movement is caused by softer wheels that stick to the surface. 

You should get softer wheels if you ride over difficult terrain. This will assist in absorbing any stresses and jolts you will face when using your board. Remember that soft wheels lose diameter more quickly than hard wheels under friction. The use of harder wheels and more stiff materials, like urethane, is therefore directed.

You can choose from three different types of wheels: smooth wheels, which are made for skating on smooth surfaces like wood or plastic; street wheels, which are made for skating on streets and sidewalks. Concrete wheels are the roughest and most durable sort of wheel. Choose based on your needs.

Purchasing Low-Quality Issues

The performance of your skateboard can be greatly affected if your truck is broken or out of line. Always try to purchase a high-quality skate for better performance. A high-quality skate will always trump a poor skate. Get a skateboard with strong wheels and bearings.

Most pro skaters usually pick skateboards with relatively mild durometer wheels, as the wheels roll slower but softer. A high-quality bearing hub will also contain sealed ball bearings, a shaft that has been precisely machined, and a raceway that has been precision-ground.

You Pushed the Entire Weight

When your body weight will be passed to the board, it becomes considerably heavier and ultimately makes the board move more slowly. Sometimes you miss extending the push leg too much.

Therefore, accurate foot positioning is necessary. Keep your front foot’s toes on or close to the front bolts. On your skate, place your back foot ahead of your front foot. Furthermore, always be careful not to absolutely touch the ground when you put the push leg. Once your feet are on the ground, drive yourself forward.

You Miss The Speed Washer

Are you familiar with the speed washer? All boards typically contain speed washers. The small item is placed outside the bearings. Speed washers decrease friction between the axle and the nut axle and stop the bearings from wearing out. 

Moreover, it limits heat build-up and keeps your bearings from rusting. Missing a speed washer may cause a tightening issue, which may ultimately result in a slower ride. So, use this to avoid slow skating.

Pushing Mongo Matters

When pushing a mongo, we balance on the back foot and use the front foot to press. We don’t suggest the idea, so better you skip the pushing Mongo steps. Although this approach can occasionally cause you to go more slowly, if you develop skill, you will rock with a faster-going ride!

Old and Rusted Bearings 

Selecting the proper bearings is crucial if you want to go faster with a skateboard. The worn-out board bearings are worthless. If you notice that it is slow, it may be rusty or too old to be changed.

Cleaning is Necessary 

On occasion, you can use some speed cream to re-lubricate bearings. Clean your bearings once a month, or once every three months if you skate every day.

An essential part of skateboarding is the bearings. Skateboards slow down as dirt and dust develop and cause friction on them from continuous use. So, you should clean by spending 15 to 30 minutes. The bearings can be cleaned in a few simple methods.  

How about using a bearing cleaner or solvent to clean the built-up dirt? It’s great! Then, scrub them clean with a toothbrush, and complete the process by washing them with water. 

Some Other Ways to Clean

  • Spend 30 minutes cleaning. Use a skate tool, isopropyl alcohol, a plastic bottle, a thumbtack, a razor blade, and paper towels.
  • Remove the wheels, take out the bearings and use the truck axle.
  • Placed in a container with a lid and submerged in isopropyl alcohol. You can also get a nail polish remover.
  • Dry lint cloth or a rag.
  • Use a jar or cup for soaking bearings
  • Place the bearings on a paper towel, wrap it around them, and shake it to clean the dirt.
  • Apply some silicon lube or Bones Speed Cream.

Develop Your Riding Skills

Being in control of yourself while skateboarding is an excellent technique to avoid issues with slow riding. First, put on appropriate skateboarding shoes and safety gear. However, you should also learn how to ride faster and how to fall safely when you have to bail.

In essence, a skilled person is not bothered with the problems caused by slow riding as they have the ability to ride with tricks. However, the issue with the parts like bearings and wheels must be resolved!


1. How can I make my skateboard faster?

If you want to run faster, go on a flat surface, change the wheels or bearings, clean them, or use good quality parts of the skateboard. Sometimes you will need to loosen axle nuts or be skilled to properly push yourself.

2. How can I make my skateboard wheels spin faster?

Lubrication all over the wheels can make your wheels spin faster. After that, wipe out the bearings and put them in the same position.

3. How long do skate bearings last?

You should remove any dirt or excess moisture as well as wetness. Sliding and jumping may cause the parts to wear out more quickly. If you properly maintain them, the skateboard bearings will last 1-2 years.

4. Why does my skateboard feel so heavy and sluggish?

A conventional skateboard weighs between 7 and 10 pounds when including the trucks, wheels, and bearings. A narrow board or small wheel can make a difference. Additionally, the board gets heavier when you apply pressure to your entire body. Learn to bend and lift your head to accurately push on skates.

Final Words

Anyway, why is my skateboard so slow? We have discussed 12 possible reasons and fixed the slow skating issues. If you find yourself having a slow skating experience, our suggestions can easily make your ride quicker.

Among them, we would like to suggest developing your skating skills, as it will make you more proficient in the sport. At that time, you can solve any type of skating issue. If you have any further queries, feel free to share them in the comment section.

Hello, this is Jose Lewis, a skateboard and skate shoe club coach who has been skating for over 20 years. I have been a professional skater for 10 years and have been coaching for the past 5 years. I am very passionate about skating and love to share my knowledge and experience with others. I strongly believe that anyone can learn to skate and that it is a great way to stay active and have fun.

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