Why Do Skaters Wear Baggy Pants?

Style is a way of expressing who you are! When you are a skater, you dress up with baggy pants, which are pretty comfortable to wear when doing tricky skills. We always love to wear baggy pants that make us feel like we are riding in the skateboarding world. But Why Do Skaters Wear Baggy Pants?

Although there is some practical purpose for the baggy skateboarding look, it has been popular since the 90s. Presently, wearing baggy-style pants has become a common trend when skating. 

Skaters express an attitude in the names of the outfits they wear! However, in this article, we will talk about skateboarding fashions, and you will also be able to know why baggy pants are great for skating.

What do skateboarders usually wear?

what do skateboarders wear

Actually, skater fashion is from the 1990s, but the old-fashioned styles have become much more popular in the skater world. The skater style was all about loose and functional clothes that were fit for the sport and offered some protection with comfortable movement.

Although some skaters prefer to wear baggy jeans with oversized t-shirts or hoodies, what are baggy jeans, by the way? We will come up with this. Keep reading! Anyway, some of them prefer ragged-style clothes. There are too many stylish skaters out there who also wear accessories like chains or snapback caps.

Shorts and baggy t-shirts are another favorite outfit style for skaters since they feel free to move at any time to make any turn or flip when skating. However, wearing comfortable, loose-fitting attire is always preferable for a skateboarder.

What skaters wear pants for skating?

Most skaters love to wear pants when skating. But why? Is there a beneficial approach to wearing shorts? Skateboarders typically wear pants for two principal reasons: one is for style, and the other is for safety. The pants can keep you from falling down when riding and getting injured or having any knee problems. 

However, when you wear shorts, there is a chance that you will fall and injure your knees or legs, or leave scars. Basically, we wear shorts with large t-shirts during the summer to stay cool. 

Skaters have their own sense of style. They don’t just wear pants; they also wear different pants or shorts. You can skateboard while wearing shorts, but wearing pants is more fashionable and safer.

What kind of pants do skateboarders prefer?

Skate pants are really stylish and comfortable. You can move easily and do any skill brilliantly while you’re wearing skate pants. Skateboarders prefer wearing baggy pants, sweatpants, cargo pants, and skinny pants. 

Always choose loose-fitting clothing when skating. Professional skaters choose cargo pants or work pants because slim jeans can be too tight and sweatpants too baggy. 

If you don’t have cargo pants, wear baggy pants with a wide cut and lots of room in the thigh, hip, and calf. When performing challenging flips, these types of pants are easy to skate in. The best brands to get high-quality skate pants from include Levi’s, Adidas, Dickies, Unionbay, Southpole, or Brixton.

Why do skaters dress over-sized dress?

Professional skaters dress in solid-colored, loose-fitting shorts or pants with loose shirts or t-shirts. Clothing that is oversized is quite comfortable for skating games. Therefore, a skater opts for loose or baggy outfits.

They wear loose outfits to protect themselves when skating. Loose clothes never restrict your movement while skating. For making tricky moves like ollies or jumps, loose dresses are best! Also, skaters prefer long socks that help keep them high on the leg, and it helps to avoid friction between your skin and the skates’ lining.

What are baggy pants?

Here comes the main point! Though we have talked about baggy pants, now we will give you detailed information about baggy or loose pants. The early 1990s saw an increasing demand for wide-leg jeans, commonly known as “baggy pants.” These pants can be described as hip-hop-style.

Usually, baggy clothing is anything that is too loose on your body. We often see baggy jeans or loose jeans worn by rap and hip-hop fashion followers and skaters. It’s a type of pant that hangs around your buttocks. Skaters love to wear baggy jeans or pants as it helps to move smoothly while riding on a skateboard.

Why do skaters favor loose-fitting baggy pants?

The measurement of the thighs is the biggest issue. The more you get to space, the more you can move quickly for any tricks. My legs should be able to be raised without being pinched. In addition to wearing loose-fitting, baggy pants, skaters also favor other baggy clothing items, such as shirts or t-shirts, for practicality and comfort.

On the other hand, a skater girl should search for loose-fitting, high-waisted denim that she can wear with a crop, an oversized graphic t-shirt, or a hoodie. Therefore, a good skater should always aim to wear loose-fitting clothing because it is better for skating. 

How to get the perfect skater style: 7 best tips

what are baggy jeans called
  • Choose between comfort and style
  • Wearing flexible, flat-sole skating shoes with outstanding grip will help you look amazing. 
  • Keep it classic with Vans or Converse, or other classic skate sneakers.
  • Pick comfortable clothes that are both efficient and cozy.
  • Wear hoodies or graphic t-shirts on top.
  • Wear shorts, chino pants, or cargo down the bottom.
  • You can follow the Hip-Hop Skaters’ clothes
  • Include other accessories like a bag or a branded cap and tube socks
  • To rock the skating style, wear skate shorts, graphic t-shirts, hoodies, snapback-style caps, beanies, and accessories that will make you appear hip.

Some extra tips for skateboarders

  1. Always stay hydrated when running with the skateboard.
  2. Keep yourself protected from the sun.
  3. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises against skateboarding for children under the age of five. Also, kids aged 6–10 should be under the control of an adult when they skate.
  4. A skater should wear a helmet to protect their head in case they fall and become injured.
  5. Use protection for the knees and elbows to prevent injuries.
  6. Use wrist guards to prevent wrist injuries in the event of a fall.
  7. Get ankle protection pads.
  8. Every skater should wear closed-toed footwear with non-slip soles.
  9. You can put on goggles or impact-resistant eyewear.
  10. It’s better to skate on a flat or smooth surface.


1. How do clothes affect your skating?

When you practice skating, the way you dress matters a lot. You can never move freely while wearing short or tight clothing. Instead, dress comfortably in baggy outfits. 
Even though you can look attractive in any kind of clothing, wearing uncomfortable clothing while playing skating games can interfere with your performance. The best can be worn with hoodies, tanks, baggy or cargo pants, or cotton shirts or t-shirts.

2. What pants should you wear when skateboarding?

Get a pair of durable and comfortable pants. We usually wear thick chino or denim pants. However, professional skaters prefer to wear cargo, or buggy, pants since they make it simpler to move around and perform any skill. Also, some skaters love to wear tight jeans, but sometimes it makes you uncomfortable.

3. How do I wear baggy pants properly?

The baggy pants occasionally don’t fit your waist. If you want the legs loose, you need to cut them straight or loosen them. You might try pairing the loose-fitting pants with large graphic t-shirts, shirts, and sneakers or converse. On the other hand, females dress comfortably in loose-fitting t-shirts, sweatshirts, and whatever they feel comfortable with.

4. How do skaters cuff their pants?

Simply take the cuff and fold it over to cuff the pants. You can create a pin roll cuff or a basic cuff. Additionally, you can fold about an inch of jeans inward and press it firmly against your ankle by grabbing it behind the ankles. The bottom should then be folded up as many times as necessary to feel secure. It’s a much better way!

Final Thoughts

However, let’s end it here! So, you have plenty of information regarding the Why Do Skaters Wear Baggy Pants topic. Well, the answer is that skaters wear baggy pants for their comfort zone and flexibility when skating. We have described more baggy or loose-fitting pants. 

If you prefer to run quickly and flexibly, we have some extra tips for you that we have mentioned. We hope it will help you out! If you get some benefit from the article, leave your desired topic in the comment section as we love to solve our readers’ problems with a complete informative article.

Hello, this is Jose Lewis, a skateboard and skate shoe club coach who has been skating for over 20 years. I have been a professional skater for 10 years and have been coaching for the past 5 years. I am very passionate about skating and love to share my knowledge and experience with others. I strongly believe that anyone can learn to skate and that it is a great way to stay active and have fun.

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