Where to Put Sticker on a Skateboard?

Skateboards are stylish boards that we use for skating. The culture of street surfing encompasses skateboard stickers. They are a symbol of graffiti art and urban youth culture due to the way they integrate artistic work, rebellion, post-modern imagery, and innovative and aesthetic typography.

The skateboard pieces are quite simple to modify so that it looks a lot more unique when we ride. Additionally, you can personalize your decks with art pieces like stickers or color them with a variety of colors. Hey, how about putting stickers on the board? But Where to Put Stickers on a Skateboard?

You can represent your personal choice and personality on the board by adding some lovely stickers. Before that, you must be aware of where to position each one. In most cases, these pieces of art are attached to the deck’s underside or even the walking surface. However, let’s have a broad discussion about the idea of stickers on the skateboard.

Story Behind Skateboard Sticker


We have discovered some popular skate and surf sticker collections from the 1980s to 1990s. To share their love of roadside culture, the skaters enjoy incorporating stickers with graffiti and typography that represent a form of street art and urban youth expression. In the twenty-first century, it has gained popularity. It is considered an enduring representation of skate culture.

Why Do We Use Stickers on Skateboards?

where to put stickers on your skateboard

The underside of your skateboard’s top deck is commonly where skateboard stickers are affixed. We skaters have different personalities that we express in an artistic manner on the board. Make yourself stand out in the skating area by making your board unique by customizing your design.

With its colorful, visually impressive graphics and subversive buzzwords, skateboarding has always had an artistic side. Some skaters become obsessed with skateboard stickers, so they personalize them. Let’s talk about the reasons why we choose to use stickers.

Skateboard Sticker is a Layer of Protection

In general, stickers provide an extra layer of protection between both objects and barriers and the protected bottom surface of the board when doing slide tricks and spins. Also, s kate stickers can be used to protect worn-out decks or reuse scratched-up boards.

The majority of these colorful stickers are printed on high-quality vinyl and secured with lamination, thus keeping them waterproof and resistant to peeling, scratching, and fading. You can put the sticker on and keep it on the deck for a few months.

Sponsorship Deal Sticker

stickers on skateboard

Sometimes you do the sponsorship deal by putting any brand or company sticker on to get paid. When you are a professional skater, placing stickers on your skates can be an opportunity to make an income. A professional skater has another level of value who gets compensated for showing their skating skills while also promoting brands and helping to sell the brand items.

A professional skater has another level of value who gets compensated for showing their skating skills while also promoting brands and helping to sell the brand items. It’s wonderful to promote sponsors by signing autographs, giving fans advice, sporting branded gear or equipment, participating in media appearances, and sharing the brand! So, using branded stickers is, of course, beneficial as well.

If you are a sponsored skater with a number of popular and widely viewed YouTube video clips, to maximize the sponsor’s ROI, or return on investment, put their stickers on the board. Additionally, you can help any local business by promoting them in your video content. This will increase their sales and enable them to become popular.

We Love to Make Art

Skaters love to put sticker coats on the original graphics of the deck. It’s an expression of art!  With the help of stickers, you can show your personality and sense of style on your skateboard.

All you need are a few new vinyl stickers to make a creative and original collage that completely covers the bottom of your board. You can show your talent and use it to help you stand out from the crowd.

Some Love to Collect Skate Stickers

For some who have made skateboarding their life’s passion, it has become an obsession! They take pleasure in riding; they personalize the skateboard; and they add interesting accessories, stickers, and artwork to make it more attractive while they skate.

They gather thousands of stickers from well-known brands of skateboards. Items from the sport’s golden eras, the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, are the rarest and most expensive stickers. The stickers feature original artwork and graphics by Marc McKee, Jim Phillips, and Vernon Courtlandt Johnson. Use official versions of stickers rather than using unauthorized reprints or replicas.

Skateboard Stickers: What to Look for When Buying Them?

You don’t actually need to search for a particular design, skateboard sticker, or graphic. It’s completely your personal preference.  But make sure the sticker you choose is of good quality so that it will remain on the board for at least a few months. We are providing some guidelines for purchasing stickers out of concern for your well-being.

  • Select stickers that have been designed solely for skating. It will be durable and won’t damage the skateboard.
  • Get premium-quality stickers from a good brand. The sticker’s lifespan will increase with its quality.
  • Make sure the stickers are simple to put on and take off. It won’t scratch or leave any marks on your board or gradually peel off.

Which Type of Skate Sticker Is Preferable, Colored or Clear?

In the skate market, stickers come in a wide range of colors and designs. Personalize your board by sticking stickers that are the same color as the board. Exceptional skateboarding stickers with millions of newly produced and marketed creative designs are now available.

However, both colored and transparent clear stickers for a skateboard are great and beneficial. But how? It’s because the clear stickers can be used to make more subtle designs because they are less visible. On the other hand, colored stickers can give your skateboard extra color and outlook. When putting stickers on, make sure they are the proper size and shape and have a strong sticky back.

Where Can You Put Skateboard Stickers?

Put stickers wherever you like! You can occasionally attach a sticker right on the nose or tail. Eventually, you will slide to the right. The two best places to stick stickers on a skateboard are on the graphic side and the top.

Therefore, you should avoid applying stickers to the grip tape itself. Instead, do so before applying the grip tape, and then use a clean or transparent grip on the area that is affixed. We use this idea to reduce the likelihood of injury.

Additionally, apply stickers on skateboards with graphics or those that are plain. You might need some 20 or more stickers if you want to sticker bomb the entire board. Personalizing to your preferences is another effective idea.

Where Should You Not Put Stickers On A Skateboard?

Putting stickers on can make anything look unique, but you should know where to attach stickers. You can get a customized skateboard deck look, but you should not put stickers everywhere. Like, do not use stickers on the wheels, trucks, and grip tape. But you can use a sticker before applying grip tape.

How Many Stickers Can You Add To A Skateboard?

Basically, it depends on the size of your skateboard and the stickers you use. Choose the size and shape of the stickers you want to print before customizing them. You can arrange any combination of text and images. Purchase 1 or 2 pairs of different stickers and you will have 20 or more stickers overall.

How to Put Stickers on a Skateboard

skateboard full deck stickers

It’s time to learn how to put stickers perfectly. Let’s share all the steps to properly add stickers to the board.

  1. First of all, clean the surface and remove dirt, dust, and grime from the board. Use soapy water. To make sure the deck is spotlessly clean, use a moist cloth or any cleaning solution. Use a brush so that it won’t tear the board.
  2. You can draw an outline with a magic pen before adhering your stickers to the correct location on the skateboard.
  3. Get the appropriate sticker in both size and form. If needed, cut into the appropriate size by using scissors or an X-Acto knife.
  4. Use a protective sheet or a roller there to remove air from the space between the board and the graphic. A spoon or butter knife is a suitable tool in that case.
  5. Place the sticker where you want it. Next, take off the non-adhesive side. Using your intended location as a guide, place the sticker’s naked portion on the deck.
  6. Pull the sticker’s non-adhesive side while sweeping the sticker with a card. You’ll get rid of air bubbles during the procedure. For the excess parts, use a razor blade to cut.

How to Remove Skateboard Stickers

The skateboard sticker is not meant to stay on permanently. Sometimes it can be challenging to remove the sticker. So let’s examine how to quickly remove stickers.

  1. Make your own cleaning agents such as alcohol or acetone.
  2. Prepare a damp towel to remove the sticker’s traces.
  3. Remove the deck’s sticker body.
  4. Wipe the moist cloth over the sticker’s residue.
  5. Invest approximately five minutes covering the stickers with a paper towel that has been soaked with alcohol.
  6. As a result, the adhesive component will become softer.
  7. Scrape off the remaining softened sticker substance, but make sure you won’t damage the deck’s finish.
  8. You might also use a hair dryer or a heat gun to remove stickers.

How to Get Skateboard Stickers

Many renowned manufacturers and companies in the skate industry make stickers and distribute them without cost. You can also check out any brand’s website for the skateboard accessory marketplace.


1. What are your thoughts on stickers on decks?

Stickers on deck can enhance the beauty of your skateboard. It also helps to earn money through sponsorship and offers a layer of protection from any damage.

2. Can I put stickers on my skateboard grip tape?

No, you shouldn’t place a sticker on top of the grip tape. We occasionally combine grip tape with stickers. Rather, you can use a transparent grip.

3. How to protect stickers on a skateboard?

The stickers can have a protective coating of varnish or sealer applied. Furthermore, keep them out of direct sunlight or extremes of heat and cold because UV rays can fade and damage them.

4. What are skateboard stickers made of?

The majority of colorful stickers are made of superior vinyl that has a protective laminate, ensuring they are waterproof and durable for wearing, scratching, and peeling.

Final Words

So, below we have talked about Where to Put Stickers on a Skateboard, how to put and remove stickers, where to put stickers, and some other informative discussions regarding skateboard stickers. Now you can customize your skateboard by including aesthetic stickers.

However, make a good-looking skate to stand out from the crowd around the skating area. Enjoy skating with this unique board! But don’t forget to put the sticker in the right place.

Hello, this is Jose Lewis, a skateboard and skate shoe club coach who has been skating for over 20 years. I have been a professional skater for 10 years and have been coaching for the past 5 years. I am very passionate about skating and love to share my knowledge and experience with others. I strongly believe that anyone can learn to skate and that it is a great way to stay active and have fun.

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