7 Best Skateboard Wheels For Powerslides (Bones or Spitfire? Find Out)

A power-sliding is a skating technique to slow your skateboard down stylishly. It feels like throwing yourself sideways and then swinging your shoulders back to grab back on. It sounds simple but doing the powerslides on the skatepark is far more challenging.

The first thing you need to do powerslides is to slip the right wheels on your skateboard- apart from learning the tricks. Without the appropriate wheels, you can’t perform slides smoothly.

Generally, performing powerslides require hard wheels as they offer less traction or grip and are easiest to slide. And fortunately, we listed the 7 best skateboard wheels for powerslides.

They will deliver the hardness, quickness, and responsiveness you need to slide on smooth surfaces. So, let’s check out the list right off the bat to explore the right set of wheels to be a master on powerslides.

Can You Powerslide On A Skateboard?

Yes, you can powerslide on a skateboard if the skateboard is equipped with the right type of wheels. Generally, the wheels with 50-60 mm diameter and 95-101 a durometer are perfect for power sliding.

Can You Powerslide On A Skateboard

If you don’t know how to powerslide on a skateboard, follow the below steps:

  • Ensure you place your front foot close to the front truck of your skateboard.
  • Your rear foot should be on the tail.
  • Bend the knees and ensure you make the stance a bit wider because it will give you more control over the skateboard.
  • Push both the board and your feet forward.
  • Keep your shoulders in line, and ensure you slightly lean your upper body backward.
  • Keep your arms open to maintain balance.
  • Allow your skateboard to slide across the ground.
  • Bring your body back to the natural skating position when the board losses its speed.
  • Place your rear foot back to opposite the 90-degree rotation.
  • Continue skating

You can also check out this guideline from MasterClass.Com to be a master of power sliding.

What Are The Best Skateboard Wheels For Powerslides?

Here is the list of the best skateboard wheels you should try for power-sliding.

  • Best For Tricks & Grinds: Bam Jam Skateboard Wheels
  • Best Overall: Spitfire F4 99 Classics Wheels
  • Best For Longboard Sliding: Powell Peralta G-Bones 64mm 97a Skateboard Wheels
  • Honorable Pick: [CCS] Skateboard Wheels – 52mm, 53mm, 54mm, 56mm – 100A
  • Best For All-Terrain: Powell Peralta G-Slides 85a Skateboard Wheels
  • Best For Technical Skateboarding: Spitfire Formula Four 99D Tablet Skateboard Wheels
  • Best Budget: Kissone Skateboard Wheels

7 Best Skateboard Wheels For Powerslides Reviews

Now, it’s time to dive deeper into this round-up guide and explore every in & out of the skateboard wheels we enlisted. It will help you go with the right wheels to do powerslides.

Best Skateboard Wheels For Powerslides

1. Bam Jam Skateboard Wheels – Best For Tricks & Grinds

Bam Jam Skateboard Wheels are the best skateboard wheels for tricks & grinding. The diameter (52mm) and the hardness (100A) of these wheels make them perfect for technical skatings like power-sliding, flipping, and ollies. These 4 sets of wheels are lightweight & easy to slide on a smooth surface, making them perfect for performing any tricks like powerslides and hard flips.


  • Brand: Bam Jam
  • Wheel Size: 52 mm in diameter
  • Durometer: 100A
  • Contact Patch: 17mm
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Fit On: Regular 28 – 32 inches long skateboards

52mm Wheel Size (Diameter)

The diameter of this set of wheels is 52mm. It means these wheels are comparatively smaller and lightweight. And guess what, smaller wheels are lighter and more responsive. As a result, you don’t need to hassle lifting the skateboard while flying onto your skateboard. In other words, the smaller wheels are good for flip tricks and technical skating.

100A Hardness (Durometer)

When it comes to smooth grinding or sliding, the hardness (durometer) of a wheel comes first in our minds. The higher the durometer, the harder the wheels will be. And you know that a wheel with a higher durometer provides less traction, which is excellent for powerslides.

Fortunately, the durometer of these wheels is 100A. It’s hard enough that makes these wheels more forgiving when sliding. These wheels won’t get stuck when grinding like the soft wheels. In short, these wheels will deliver you a smooth grinding on a rail or a nice slide on a flat surface like concrete or cement skateparks.

Narrower Contact Patch

The dimension of the riding surface or contact patch of these wheels is 17mm. Because of the smaller riding surface, it doesn’t provide enough traction or grip like the wider one. In return, you can easily perform powerslides or other technical skatings with this set of wheels.

ABEC-7 Bearings

Thanks to its ABEC-7 bearings. These bearings are fast & smooth, which makes them perfect for racers & technical skaters to perform ollies, hard flips, and powerslides. Therefore, they can superiorly absorb wear & tear which adds longevity to the overall lifespan of the wheels.

High-quality Polyurethane

This set of skateboard wheels from Bam Jam uses high-quality polyurethane as the construction material. Polyurethane tread offers superior cushioning between the skate and the floor by absorbing shocks. Plus, this material can hold more weight and wear & tear than rubber. Indeed, the wheels will last longer and serve you for hundreds of miles of skating.

What We Like :

  • Easy to install as they come with bearings already installed
  • Suit to every smooth surface like cement, concrete, and bowls
  • Fit on all standard skateboard and longboard trucks
  • They roll great

What We Don’t :

  • Not perfect for cruising


Go with this set of wheels from Bam Jam if you want to experience a smooth ride and slide like a pro. The hardness and diameter of these wheels make them perfect for doing tricks, grinding, and other technical skatings.

2. Spitfire F4 99 Classics Wheels – Best Overall

Spitfire F4 99 Classics Wheels are the best skateboard wheels for powerslides. For powersliding, you need to get wheels that are lightweight, quick, and responsive. And luckily, Spitfire injects all of these features into its F4 99 Classic Tablet shape wheels. So, you can slide like a pro on smooth surfaces.


  • Brand: Spitfire
  • Wheel Size: 54mm
  • Durometer: 101d (101a)
  • Contact Patch: 16.5 mm
  • Material: Urethane
  • Fit On: Every Standard Skateboard

54mm Wheel Size

The diameter of this Spitfire wheel is 54mm. It means the wheels are small and lightweight. And for powerslides, experts always recommend the smaller wheels as they roll fast and are easy to lift due to their lighter weight. Plus, smaller wheels respond quickly as soon as you turn them, which makes them simple to slide.

101d Hardness

Spitfire uses ‘d’ to measure the hardness of its wheels. Indeed, d is similar to A (the scale of measuring the wheel’s hardness). The rule of thumb is- that the harder the wheel, the more responsive the wheel will be as it delivers less grip.

And Spitfire F4 F9 Classic wheels come with 101d (similar to 101a), making the stiffest wheels on the market. It offers less traction and won’t get stuck like soft wheels. So, you can perform powerslides with ease.

Narrow Riding Surface

A narrower riding surface or contact patch means less grip. And less grip means the wheels will slide smoothly on a flat surface. The contact patch dimension of this Spitfire wheel is 16.5mm only. It means it has a super narrower riding surface, which makes the wheel friendly to powerslides as it has less grip.

Formula Four Urethane

Formula four 101a urethane wheels are the hardest wheels of Spitfire. They are lightning-fast on smooth surfaces and super simple to slide. On top of this, the urethane material offers unmatched abrasion resistance for fewer flat spots. Indeed, it absorbs the shock coming from the surface and delivers a smooth ride for an extended time.

What We Like :

  • Perfect for riding on unforgiving asphalt, concrete, and terrain without any issues
  • The formula four urethane provides superior abrasion resistance
  • Great for doing flip tricks on the smooth surface
  • They don’t bounce when you land

What We Don’t :

  • Not good enough on anything rough


Don’t hesitate to go for the Spitfire F4 F9 Classic Wheels if you are looking for the wheels to perform powerslides. They are lightweight and offer the responsiveness & quickness you need for power-sliding.

3. Powell Peralta G-Bones 64mm 97a Skateboard Wheels – Best For Longboard Sliding

Powell Peralta G-Bones 64mm 97a Skateboard Wheels are best for longboard sliding. The diameter of these wheels is 64, which is big enough to fit any standard longboard. Though it’s one of the biggest wheels on the market, this set of wheels is not soft. The hardness of these wheels is 97a, making them suitable for longboard sliding.


  • Brand: Powell Peralta
  • Wheel Size: 64mm
  • Durometer: 97a
  • Width: 42mm
  • Wheel Formula: SBA
  • Fit On: Every Standard Longboard (especially for 40” Split Tail Cruiser Longboard)

64mm Wheel Size

Perhaps, the biggest wheels on this list! The diameter of these wheels is 64mm, which is a bit larger than the other wheels we enlisted. They glide through rough surfaces like a charm and spin fast. However, you will get enough grip from these wheels due to their size. Consequently, you may have trouble sliding on a surface. But this set of wheels is different from the rest as it’s not soft.

Note: Make sure you add ⅛” risers to your skateboard to avoid wheel bite. Otherwise, the deck will touch the wheels and slow down your riding speed.

97a Hardness


These wheels use urethane as their built-in material. The urethane wheels can hold your weight superior to the rubber wheels. Plus, it absorbs shock and glides over rough surfaces like a champ. Indeed, you can gain a smooth ride when the urethane material adds durability to serve you for seasons.

As we mentioned above, this set of four wheels is not soft though they are large in size. The durometer of these wheels is 97a, which is pretty hard and doesn’t deliver the grip it should provide due to their big diameter. As a result, it allows you to slide on smooth surfaces with ease.

What We Like :

  • Perfect wheels for that old school setup or cruiser
  • Offer a soft & smooth ride across the pavement
  • The larger diameter easily rolls over the random obstructions on your daily ride.

What We Don’t :

  • A little slow for downhill


We recommend you go for the Powell Peralta G-Bones 64mm 97a Skateboard Wheels if you enjoy sliding & cruising at the same time. They are big enough to fit on every standard longboard. On top of this, these wheels are hard enough to slide on flat surfaces.

4. [CCS] Skateboard Wheels – 52mm, 53mm, 54mm, 56mm – 100A – Honorable Pick

Skatepark tech, skate tech, or speed tech- whatever you name it, you can perform all of these like a pro if you have wheels from CSS. And the best part is- that it doesn’t leave a dent in your wallet to get the [CCS] Skateboard Wheels. To learn more about this set of four wheels, continue to read.


  • Brand: [CSS]
  • Wheel Size: 52mm
  • Durometer: 100A
  • Material: Plastic
  • Fit On: Every Standard Skateboard

52mm Wheel Size

Performing tricks like powerslides or hard flips, skaters require lightweight wheels. The lighter wheels allow them to lift & fly onto the skate with ease. Therefore, lightweight wheels are responsive, making them ideal for performing slides.

And the CSS Skateboard Wheels resemble all of these features you need. The diameter of these wheels is 52mm, which are small & lightweight. Indeed, they deliver the responsiveness & speed you need to do technical skatings.

100A Hardness

The durometer of these wheels is 100A. In technical words, these wheels are stiff, meaning they have less grip. So, when you speed the skate up and try to stop, these wheels will not hug or grasp the surface like soft wheels. As a result, you can easily slide with these wheels on a smooth surface.

Wheel Material

The manufacturer of these wheels claims they use urethane as the built-in material. But, we found the wheels are made of low-quality plastics. However, they will stand up against wear & tear though you don’t expect them to get the lifespan like urethane wheels.

What We Like :

  • Provide the performance and speed like Spitfire or other well-known brands
  • Wheels roll and slide like a champ
  • Reliable set of wheels for powerslides
  • Affordable

What We Don’t :

  • A little hard to get bearings into wheels at first


If you want to slide like a professional but refuse to spend a lot of bucks, go for the CSS Skateboard Wheels. You will notice no difference between these wheels and Bones 100a 52mm wheels.

5. Powell Peralta G-Slides 85a Skateboard Wheels – Best For All Terrain

Powell Peralta G-Slides 85a Skateboard Wheels are the best skateboard wheels for all-terrain. The diameter and the wide profile of these wheels hug the surface from asphalt to skate park. Because of the bigger size, these wheels glide over any surface like butter. You can use these versatile wheels to perform cruising, sliding, and anything between them.


  • Brand: Powell Peralta
  • Wheel Size: 56mm
  • Durometer: 85a
  • Contact Patch: 31.5
  • Fit On: Every Standard Skateboard

56mm Wheel Size

These wheels are bigger as their diameter is 56mm. They are a bit heavier because of their larger size, t. But they help you keep your speed and handle rough pavement better than small wheels.

Indeed, you can experience smooth cruising around the town with this set of four wheels. We recommend throwing some risers on your board to get extra wheel bite clearance.

Note: Generally, bigger wheels are not perfect for sliding. But this is not an issue with these wheels. In other words, you can still slide with these wheels, which we will break down below.

85a Hardness

Unlike other skateboard wheels on this list, the diameter of these wheels from Powell Peralta is 85a. In other words, they are soft and glide over the rough pavements like a charm. Due to the softness, you may think these wheels are not for sliding. Other reviews also say the same thing.

But here what’s the magic we find? They will slide at moderate speed. We found the slide pretty smooth and responsive. Of course, they catch a little faster than harder wheels. But it will not be an issue to slide with it. If you can’t slide at moderate speed with these wheels, you need to improve the powerslide technique.

Wide Wheel Profile

Compared to other wheels, these wheels have a wide profile. The contact patch dimension of these wheels is 31.5 mm, which is pretty extensive. Due to the width, they offer more traction and stability at high speed. So, you don’t need to worry about slipping out of your line. Keep in mind; that a wider contact patch will sacrifice the sliding nature of the wheels.

SSF Wheel Formula

Thanks to its new Soft Solid Formula wheel technology. This wheel formula makes the wheel super-fast, and durable and allows you to perform powerslides despite its larger diameter. Indeed, the SSF opens the door to skating on different surfaces like concrete, asphalt, roads, and hills.

What We Like :

  • Deliver superior traction and stability at high speed
  • The wheels roll fast, long last, and slide due to the SSF
  • Roll on almost anything
  • Perfect for cruising and handling the sliding also

What We Don’t :

  • If you take it down a hill, it will heat up and get uncontrollably slick.


If you want to get all-around wheels to break through every surface, go for the Powell Peralta G-Slides 85a Skateboard Wheels. They are soft enough to handle any surface. On the other hand, they also slide due to the SSF.

6. Spitfire Formula Four 99D Tablet Skateboard Wheels – Set of 4 – Best For Technical Skateboarding

Spitfire Formula Four 99D Tablet Skateboard Wheels are the best skateboard wheels for technical skateboarding. The profile is narrow. Technically, the riding surface is thin, and its dimension is 22mm, which is pretty slim. Because of the narrowest riding surface, it delivers the least amount of traction or grip intended for advanced & technical skating like hard flips, slides, or ollies.


  • Brand: Spitfire
  • Wheel Size: 54mm
  • Durometer: 99a
  • Contact Patch: 22mm
  • Material: Urethane
  • Fit On: Every Standard Skateboard

54mm Wheel Size

Wheel diameter between 50-54mm is small and lightweight, suitable for powerslides. And this set of 54mm wheels is not an exception to that. They roll fast on the smooth surface and don’t grip the surface like butter as the big wheels do. Due to the small & lightweight design, you will get that responsiveness & speed from those wheels to perform sliding like a pro.

99a Hardness

Harder wheels make the powerslides a breeze to perform due to their least amount of grip. And these wheels from Spitfire are what you look for as their durometer of them is 99a. Though they are not soft wheels, we feel them a little bit gripper than the harder (101a) wheels. However, they slide more than the softer wheels. It will be great for slick surfaces when you want to gain more control.

Tablet Shape Wheel

The tablet shape of the wheel is unique and it’s Spitfire’s original wheel shape. This shape makes the wheels lightweight, quick, and responsive. On top of this, the straight-cut profile and a narrow riding surface provide superior lock-in grinds & more controlled slides.

Generally, you will get more traction on slides from the wheels because the straight wheel edge will slow you down. Indeed, the tablet-shaped wheels offer slower sliding characteristics.

Formula Four Urethane

The wheels are made of widely-popular Formula Four Urethane. And you already know Formula Four Urethane stands for quality and longevity. These urethane wheels will not flat spot, gauge, lose their grip, or slow you down until they get worn out.

What We Like :

  • Make thunderous sounds and they are super fast
  • Lock in edges on both sides
  • The wheels feel so smooth to ride on
  • Give you sufficient room to pop higher

What We Don’t :

  • Not ideal for too abrasive terrain.


We recommend you go for this set of wheels from Spitfire if you want to perform a lot of technical skatings. The riding surface is super thin and they are stiff enough that provide the very least amount of traction for technical skating.

7. Kissone Skateboard Wheels  – Best Budget

Do you want to feel and experience the Bones-like smooth riding but at half the cost of Bones wheels? Then, we recommend you go with our budget-friendly pick: Kissone Skateboard Wheels. You can hardly find a set of wheels at this price point that will offer a butter-like smooth ride. Below, we will break down why we compare this set of wheels with Bones.


  • Brand: #NA
  • Wheel Size: 53mm
  • Durometer: 101a
  • Fit On: Every Standard Skateboard

53mm Wheel Size

Smaller wheels offer more responsiveness due to their compact design. At the same time, they are lightweight and allow you to fly onto your skateboard with ease. On the flip side, small wheels roll fast on the smooth surface. So, you don’t need to hassle to speed up your ride due to their quick, lightweight, and responsive nature.

And the Kissone Skateboard Wheels inject all of these features into the 53mm wheels. As a result, you can slide, flip, or fly in the sky with those wheels like a champ.

101a Hardness

The hardness of a skateboard wheel determines how well you can slide with it. Generally, harder wheels are ideal for performing powerslides as they offer less grip or traction. Fortunately, Kissone Skateboard Wheels are what meet your skating requirements. They are the stiffest wheels as their durometer is 101a. So, you will get the least amount of traction to do slides smoothly.

Conical Wheel Shape

Like the top-rated wheel brands, this set of wheels comes with a conical wheel shape. Though they offer a wide contact patch, they come with a cut-off outer edge. Because of these, you will experience fewer hang-ups while riding over the ramps.

Apart from these, the unique conical design makes the wheels less weight. As a result, they will be the best suited to transition skating. Plus, the conical profile tends to lock in grinds because of the flat edge.

What We Like :

  • They ride great and lasted longer than Bones wheels
  • They feel so nice and smooth on the street
  • The wheels lock in nice and are super hard
  • Budget-friendly

What We Don’t :

  • The graphics on the wheels wear out quickly 


If you want to get the same smoothness and sliding features of Bones wheels for half the price, don’t hesitate to go for the Kissone Skateboard Wheels.

How To Pick The Best Skateboard Wheels For Powerslides

Not every skateboard wheel in the market is designed for powerslides. So, you don’t go for just any wheels if you want to perform technical skating, sliding, and ollies. Fortunately, the following criteria will help you pick the best skateboard wheels for powerslides.

How To Pick Best Skateboard Wheels For Powerslides

Wheel Types

You can find three different skateboard wheels in the skating world- street or park wheels, cruiser wheels, and longboard wheels. Each of them functions differently for various types of riding.

Street or park wheels are lightweight, spin fast, and slide easily. These characteristics make the street wheels best for park & street skating. Generally, the diameter and the durometer of these wheels are 50-60mm and 95-101a. Because of these features, you can perform ollies, power slides, and other technical tricks with the street wheels.

On the other hand, cruiser wheels are slightly bigger (54-60mm) and softer (78-90a) than street wheels. You can attach these wheels to any deck, and they roll relatively faster to let you wander around the town quickly and smoothly.

Lastly, longboard wheels are the biggest (60-75mm) and softest (75-85a) options in the skateboard wheel market. They deliver superior power & grip to skate on rough surfaces. You can go for this wheel type to perform carving, cruising, sliding, and racing.

We recommend you go with the street wheels as it is perfect for power sliding and technical skating.

Wheel Size

Wheel size or dimension is the next criterion you should consider. Skateboard wheels generally come in different shapes & sizes. And the wheel dimension will affect how the wheel skates.

Diameter is the most important thing you should consider, which indicates the wheel size. Smaller wheels around 50-54mm are lighter and more responsive. These wheels are perfect for power-sliding, flip tricks, and technical skating.

Indeed, you should choose wheels whose diameters are between 50-54mm if you are looking for skateboard wheels for powerslides.


The hardness of the skateboard wheel is another thing you must take into account. Basically, the durometer is used to determine the wheel’s hardness. The higher the durometer, the harder the wheels will be. And the lower the durometer, the softer the wheels will be.

For power sliding, you should go with the wheels that come with a higher durometer. We suggest you pick the wheels with a 95-101a durometer. They are hard and roll faster on smooth surfaces. On top of this, they slide easily.

You can check out this tutorial to pick the right hardness or durometer for your skateboard wheel.

Contact Patch

The next important dimension is the contact patch. We also know it as a riding surface. This is the part of the wheel that actually rolls on the ground. Generally, the wider the contact patch, the more grip it will deliver. And the narrower the contact patch, the less grip you will have. If you want to perform technical tricks like power slides, go for the wheels with the smaller contact patch.

Wheel Edge

The edge of skateboard wheels also impacts grip, weight, and the way of locking into grinds. Typically, a rounded skateboard wheel is perfect for power-sliding as it easily slides on a smooth surface. On the other hand, a wheel with a sharper edge delivers a superior grip.

Wheel Material

You should also consider the wheel material. How long the wheel will last and resist abrasion mostly depend on the wheel material. We recommend you go for the wheel that uses urethane or polyurethane as its built-in components.


Brand means trust. So, we recommend you go for wheels that come from a popular & reliable brand. Like us, most skater fellows will recommend you go for the wheels from Bones, Spitfire, Mini Logo, and Ricta. All these brands use polyurethane to add longevity to the skateboard wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the below section and get most of the answers to your queries that are still traveling in your mind.

1. Are Powerslides hard?

Yes, powerslides are a bit of a tough skating trick to learn. But if you once learn how to do it correctly, it will be the fastest & coolest way to stop. You just need to have a little bit of courage to build up speeds, kick the tail out, and do the rock-away. Then, lean back to power slides. We recommend you find a flat and smooth surface to try powerslides.

2. How Long Do Hard Skateboard Wheels Last?

Generally, you can expect a set of wheels to last 2-3 seasons if you use it on a smooth surface. However, the longevity of the wheel is a bit complex to explain, and several factors will impact how long the wheel will last. How frequently you skate, the durometer and the diameter of the wheel, and the type of skateboard you have will determine the longevity of the wheel. Therefore, how you maintain the wheels of your skateboard will also impact the durability of the wheel.

3. Do skateboard wheels degrade?

Yes, skateboard wheels could degrade because every rubber-type product degrades over time. Sunlights do strange things to the wheel, and the rubbers absorb water slowly, which buggers them up. Indeed, the urethane can break down, become brittle, and go hard. We recommend you to not leave the skateboard wheels in your garage for a long time. Otherwise, it will get cracked or degraded over time.

4. Can I powerslide in 78A wheels?

Yes, you can powerslide in 78A wheels. But we don’t recommend you go with the wheels with a 78A durometer as it’s a bit softer. The harder wheels (95-101a) are perfect for powerslides as they slide better than the softer wheels. On the other hand, softer wheels provide better traction. So, it’s not a good idea to try powerslides with 78A wheels.

5. Can you powerslide on a regular skateboard wheel?

Yes, you can powerslide on a regular skateboard wheel. But the professional skaters always recommend the harder wheels most to learn & perform power-sliding and other technical tricks. A harder skateboard rolls fast and slides on a smooth surface easily. On the other hand, a regular skateboard wheel is a bit softer and grips the surface more than a slide. So, it will not be great for trying powerslides on a regular skateboard wheel.

6. Are Soft Wheels Good For Powerslides?

No, soft wheels are not good for powerslides. Soft wheels generally provide greater grip and superior traction, which is not good for sliding. On the other hand, powerslides require less traction. In other words, you should go for the harder wheels as they provide less grip. As a result, you can slide with ease on a hard wheel. So, say a big no to soft skateboard wheels when it comes to power-sliding.

Final Verdict

We reviewed and listed those skateboard wheels based on diameter, durometer, wheel shape, contact patch, and wheel edge. So, you can go for any of the wheels if you want to do slides.

However, the list of skateboard wheels is still long and you don’t go to buy them all. To help you out, we recommend you pick the Spitfire F4 99 Classics Wheels.

These wheels are small, lightweight, and have a narrower riding surface. They are quick and offer the very least amount of grip to slide with ease on smooth surfaces.

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