What Is Skateboard Wax Used For?

what is skateboard wax used for

What is skateboard wax used for? It is used for polishing the surface skateboarders wish to slide or grind. It can be used on surfaces such as the sidewalk or railing, which will allow the trucks or deck to glide more easily and prevent wear or scratches from occurring. Skateboard waxes are also used on …

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What Size Skateboard Do Pros Use?

what size skateboard do pros use

Outings for skating, but before you start, make sure you have the right size skateboard. After researching the skateboarding topic, What Size Skateboard Do Pros Use is a first-line query that beginners ask. Although numerous deck sizes and types exist, we still think that a professional must choose the ideal board. But which should be …

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Why Are My Roller Skates Squeaking?

why are my roller skates squeaking

Squeaky roller skates are annoying. If you are experiencing this with your roller skates, you must be wondering why are my roller skates squeaking.  In this article, you will find out why your roller skates are squeaking and how you can fix this issue. This will not only help you fix your squeaky roller skates …

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What’s The Weight Limit For A Skateboard?

what's the weight limit for a skateboard

A skateboard is not a large-sized item, but you put your entire body weight on this. Have you ever thought about how it is run by taking such a heavyweight? Actually, skateboards have a weight limit that we don’t know about. What’s The Weight Limit For A Skateboard? Read the article to find out how …

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Where To Put Your Feet On A Longboard?

where to put your feet on a longboard

How does riding a longboard feel when rolling or cruising? Flying? Or running? Whatever it is! On the longboard, we enjoy skating. But occasionally, due to some mistakes, we miss some tricky or simple tactics. We found it difficult to put our feet in the right positions. So, we need to know what a longboard …

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Where to Put Sticker on a Skateboard?

where to put stickers on a skateboard

Skateboards are stylish boards that we use for skating. The culture of street surfing encompasses skateboard stickers. They are a symbol of graffiti art and urban youth culture due to the way they integrate artistic work, rebellion, post-modern imagery, and innovative and aesthetic typography. The skateboard pieces are quite simple to modify so that it …

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Which Side of The Skateboard is The Front?

which side of the skateboard is the front

When we learn to skate, we need to get the basics of skateboarding. A lot of skaters do not have any idea about any of the parts of the skateboard. Among them, the common confusion that we have is Which Side of The Skateboard is The Front. Skateboard decks vary in a range of styles, …

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Why Are My Skateboard Wheels Squeaking?

why are my skateboard wheels squeaking

It is really annoying when a skateboard makes squeaking sounds, especially when you are at the peak of the ride and carving. This makes you think why are my skateboard wheels squeaking? Well, don’t worry. It is not a big deal and can happen. After you go through this article, you will know why this …

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Why Do Skaters Wear Baggy Pants?

why do skaters wear baggy pants

Style is a way of expressing who you are! When you are a skater, you dress up with baggy pants, which are pretty comfortable to wear when doing tricky skills. We always love to wear baggy pants that make us feel like we are riding in the skateboarding world. But Why Do Skaters Wear Baggy …

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Why Is My Skateboard So Slow?

why is my skateboard so slow

Hey, what if you have a skateboard and running slow? Boring, right? Yes, it is! After a certain period of skating, your board will run slowly, which is quite normal. We usually love to skate at a high speed as we feel like flying. When slow movement occurs, we often ask for the solution: Why …

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